8 Businesses You Can Run from a Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage units are mostly used piling up old junk or housing furniture whilst somebody is moving house. Apart from these conventional uses of storage units, lately these facilities have been used as offices for different kinds of businesses and have been successful too. Small businesses that don’t require a large office area and can get difficult while running from a room are considered best suited for these kinds of practices. If you’re thinking of opening a new business setup or want to upgrade it to a new location, you can always try out this method of running a business which is cost-effective and if managed properly, can be presented no less than the conventional office rooms.

Are you running your business from your kitchen/living room? Does the whole house get messy because of the production? Do you want to move your office to a new professional location? If yes, then a self-storage unit can be beneficial in terms of cost and also offers a separate space for running your business whilst at home.

Here are some businesses that you can run from a self-storage unit.

1. Online Retails

With accessibility of internet to most of the population, e-commerce has surely seen a new zenith. People prefer online mode of shopping over the conventional because of their busy schedule, availability of various kinds of product at one click and other many reasons. While online industry is booming, you can definitely try out setting up a business such as eBay, Amazon, etc. on your own in your area. These kinds of business are quite easy to run and self-storage facility offer that peculiar space required for running it. The cheap storage units as compared to the high priced offices can also be beneficial in terms of business operating cost.

2. Thrift shop

Piling up clothes and running it from a self-storage unit as a thrift shop is much easier. By moving this business from your basement to self-storage facility offers a lot of tidiness and also a well-organized ambience both at office and home. Depending on your business size, you can order a storage unit and modify it accordingly to its best.

3. Photo Studio

If you’re a struggling photographer who desires a lot to do but can’t afford an office, building up your own studio in a self-storage unit is the best option available. It can really come in handy and you can start your own enterprise from a self-storage unit.

4. Auto mechanic

You can also open a repair shop if you’re an auto mechanic. Even though the space might not permit you for a full body repair shop, you can still dedicate your shop to one aspect of repairing say engine building, wheel repairing, etc.

5. Fix it

If your business requires you to go to the customer’s house and do the job such as plumbing, house wiring, etc. then you can certainly set up an office in a storage facility. You can store equipment required for the job in the office as well and take them with you when needed.

6. Video producer

With some engineering done, a storage unit can be converted into a video producing studio. You can buy off a suitable size of facility as per your need and do the required modifications to make it a studio. If the space permits, you can place a small desk and a laptop for some final editing too within the unit. However, you should be very careful about the audio engineering of the premises.

7. Pawn shop

You can alter the settings in a storage unit to modify it into a small scale pawn shop. You can also line up two or more storage units if the business grows and pre-define the various sections accordingly.

8. Furniture sales

 Selling a furniture off your basement can turn into a bad idea in case of leakages and can ruin your furniture. This business can be kicked off from a self-storage unit too with the space available for storage as well as sales.

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  • Courtney Dercqu
    Courtney Dercqu Influencer
    6mo ago

    I've always wanted to open my own thrift shop and I never thought of this! My fiancé is a television producer and I have to tell him about this idea about having his own production studio at such an affordable rate. Thanks!

    I've always wanted to open my own thrift shop and I never thought of this! My fiancé is a television producer and I have to tell him about this idea about having his own production studio at such an affordable rate. Thanks!

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