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5 Tips to Consider When Laying a New Concrete Patio in San Francisco

Concrete patios are undoubtedly the best places for outdoor entertainment. Whether you want your family to have an outdoor dinner, or you are hosting your friends for an evening summer party, a good concrete patio is one venue in your home that will never disappoint.

The planning, location, and style are some of the factors that can affect how well a concrete patio will serve its intended purpose. Are you planning to build a new one in your garden, but you are not sure on where to begin? Below are some tips and tricks to help you.

Mix or order the right concrete

You cannot lay a robust and durable concrete patio without the right concrete. If the patio you are laying is small and straightforward, you can mix the concrete on site. However, if you are planning a large structure, purchase your concrete and hire a concrete truck to deliver it to the site, and ensure the area where you are laying your patio is easily accessible.

Concrete that is robust and durable, yet easy to work with is the secret behind laying a patio that will last for a lifetime. For this reason, ensure you are using one that is at least 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi), and has at least 4.5 inch slump (a rating that determines the amount of water to be mixed. The higher the slump rating, the more watery the concrete is, and the easier it becomes to use it).

Have the right tools

You will need to have solid, and highly reliable tools at hand when laying a concrete patio. The right tools determine how easy the whole process will be, and eventually how successful the project will be at the end. The following are some of the must-have tools you need;

A wheelbarrow


Garden rakes

Industrial push brooms

Wood-hand float

Jointing tool and,

Magnesium finishing tool

Use steel reinforcements

Your dream when building a concrete patio is that you will realize its full potential for a long time, and you will, of course, get value for your money. To achieve this, you need to reinforce your concrete with steel bars that are 1/2” in diameter, which will ultimately enhance the strength and durability of your patio.

Manage the wheelbarrow effectively

A wheelbarrow is one tool that can make or break your hard labor while laying your patio. You can let the truck fill the wheelbarrow with concrete, but never let it overflow, as it can easily tip over causing serious injuries and wasting products, resulting in unforeseen expenses, and worse still, some lawsuits in case your employees or contractors are not insured.

Work quickly, but carefully

Laying a concrete patio requires a lot of work, which needs to be done as expeditiously as possible. Pushing the concrete around is not easy, and you will, therefore, need an extra hand to help out. For a perfect result, a combination of "quick and careful" is the way to go, and will result in an excellent, even finish.

With appropriate planning, suitable conditions, careful work, and the above tips, laying your new concrete patio will give you a great result and will be an example that many will want to follow.

For a local concrete contractor specializing in concrete patios, contact AAA Concreting.

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