5 most important things which home makers don’t know while baking a professional like Cake

In today’s scenario where digital marketing have given the birth to various different online services it has become easy for people go shop form online sites whatever they want. Even those items also for which people have to go out of their houses but now you can buy almost everything from there like fresh vegetables, vegetarian-food, non-vegetarian food, desert, sweets, clothes, shoes, accessories, cakes, and many more things. Really these online services have made people life easy and also have given employment to many.

To get a good cake for your celebration is very simple in now you can order from any reputed baker’s shop or online cake service portal. But if you want to get your hands on the best and professional cake there are only two ways to get first, by ordering the cake from best and trust-able cake site like CakenGifts and second, by making it yourself but without mistaking and knowing some facts which only professionals use.

It is great to bake a hand make cake with your choice of ingredients. When people decorate cake sometimes they also ask to their kids to join which will become fun activity for them.

List of 5 facts which are used by expert cake bakers to make a wonder cake-

        1-Use more upgraded ingredients-

Use more upgraded ingredients which mostly used by professional cake bakers but they are rare in kitchens. So here are three ingredients which you have to replace in your kitchen.

  • Use vanilla bean seeds except vanilla extract while preparing for frosting. Simply cut vanilla beans length wise and scrap seeds with the help of back of your kitchen knife. Seeds are known to yield a rich flavor of vanilla in frosting than vanilla extract.
  • Switch to clear vanilla extract to normal vanilla extract and use clear vanilla extract in your non-chocolate cakes making. It will give your frosting cream white look while normal one little bit fade the color of cream.
  • Add milk powder in your cake batter. It is better to use dry milk powder than using milk. Milk powder gives your cake more creamier and yummy taste.

        2- Make your cake’s each layer flatten

  • Many times when people try to make many layers of cake and the each layer’s top rises from the centre but not from the sides. So that extra risen part of the cake looks so awkward and when all the layers placed over each other then they seem to rise from centre and level from sides and this makes your cake look unprofessional.
  • So to correct it you have to cut the cake’s centre from top by a butter knife horizontally.

         3-Don’t get nervous simply hide your scraped layer under other.

If one of you layer is scraped then don’t get nervous you can make a cake of three levels using this scraped one too. Just place your scrap layer in between top and last one to use it perfectly. By doing this you can hide it from everyone’s eye and also can add extra cream to make it fix.

      4-Moist your cake’s each level.

Before frosting the cake moist your cake’s each layers using milk. It will immediate add extra taste and also give your cake extra moisture which you find in professionals’ cake. You can also add clear vanilla in the milk to give it that extra punch or you can add any flavors which will suites to your cakes’ flavor.

       5-Don’t hide your cake behind extra layering of frosting.

  • Every time the cake makers think to cover the whole cake with extra frosting. It each inner levels, top and sides all with extra cream. But if your cake looks good without it too then you can also just left it without frosting its sides and top. You can simply decorate the cake top with fruits and berries and your cake is perfectly completed. If you don’t like to hide your cake behind any thick blanket of cream then you can also go with the open layer cake option.

 So go with your first ever professional cake made by you with your hands and in your normal usual kitchen, But if you don’t want to make by yourself, You may order cake online in Delhi or midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon to taste this yummy and delicious cake.

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