4 Reasons Why Dubai is the Top Choice for Women

Dubai is regarded as the most liberal metropolis in the Middle East region and hence, a favorite destination for people from all over the world. There is a great opportunity for career development combined with the benefits of a tax-free income, making the thought of working in Dubai even more captivating.

Traditionally, men are the providers in most Arab nations while it goes down to the woman to take care of the home. However, as outside impacts have permeated Arab way of life, this concept is gradually, but surely changing, in fact, it is not a surprise today to find many Arab women in the nursing and teaching professions. Local women are likewise commonly seen in the banking, finance and service sectors.

Despite the fact that the workforce in Dubai is still mostly dominated by male employees and men still outnumber women in the workplace, there are a growing number of women in positions of authority and many who have their own businesses.

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The majority of married women who visit Dubai often have a stamp on their passports remarking ‘Housewife – Not Allowed to Work’. If you're on your husband’s visa but want to work, you need to obtain a labor card or work permit from the potential employer that permits you to lawfully work in Dubai. You will additionally need a NOC (No-Objection Letter) from your partner. In a nutshell, your husband can finance you to reside in Dubai, but to be able to work legally; you'll need the sponsorship of a local company and also a NOC from your husband.

In all, here are 4 reasons why Dubai is the top choice for women:

1. Safe and Security
Dubai is pretty safe and sound for the womenfolk. You can party throughout the night and still return home in one piece. You'll not be judged for the length of your skirt. Dubai Police are incredibly protective of women. So domestic violence is also almost non-existent in Dubai. It's pretty safe due to the strict laws and regulations which protect the women. Women have lots of respect in Dubai. In most of the public venues, you will find separate queues/counters for women.

2. Tax-free
What is the use of working abroad, far away from your family if you are not able to save enough? Dubai offers the best tax-free investment opportunities to people who would like to live a comfortable and deluxe life. It is not necessary to pay wealth tax, income tax or corporate tax.

While investors generate maximum profits on rented out home or property in Dubai, the advantage of paying no tax simply interprets that a person can save sufficient money to make investments elsewhere.

3. Multi-cultural workforce
Dubai is an area where east meets west. Residers there are part of over 180 different nationalities around the globe. It is strategically situated at the center of the world business map which is easy to get to from different parts of Middle East, Asia, and even European countries. Dubai can as well be a launch pad if you would like to immigrate to other countries, like Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and so on.

So it is not only just the Arabic way of life that you can experience, but you will also get to communicate and work with men or women from all corners of the world.

4. English is widely spoken
In contrast to most of the other places in the Middle East, English is vastly spoken and understood by most people who work and reside in Dubai. You cannot find any language barrier as such that can turn out to be a major hindrance. Understanding Arabic is unquestionably a plus, and it can get you much better job opportunities. With that being said, most of the local populace converse in English, which makes it easier for expats from across the world to do business with the natives.

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