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    Serving a greater purpose

    What you do every day can contribute to the innovative health technologies and solutions we develop that make a positive impact on billions of people every year. Including you. Because you'll find when you work at Philips that your professional and personal lives often intersect in unexpected and fulfilling ways.

    We're at our best when you are you

    We offer a variety of benefits and health programs to help keep you strong, mentally and physically. This helps you perform to the best of your ability at work, while also making you more able to manage the rest of your busy life.

    Just one example is our flexible working policy, so you can balance home and work commitments in a way that maintains productivity. We're serious about offering an inclusive workplace that is both engaging and which leads to personal growth. In fact, we believe that by providing the right environment, with the experience you have, you can continuously grow as a professional as well as a person.

    A surprising career path

    We offer incredible career challenges. Stimulating and satisfying work, inspiring colleagues, leading multi-disciplinary teams, extensive learning resources, the freedom to flourish, developing meaningful products and solutions… Working at Philips means all this and much more.

    What you also encounter as a Philips employee is a significant element of the unexpected. Your career may take a new direction. You may be presented with opportunities and responsibilities you never dreamt of having. Or you may discover that the impact of the work that you do is far greater than you could ever have imagined.

Diversity & Inclusion

    We want our organization to mirror the society in which we operate, to foster an inclusive working environment where people are valued and accepted for their uniqueness. Having a workplace where everyone can be themselves is an essential part of our belief as an employer – that our company is at its best when our people are at their best. That’s why we’re taking steps to create an environment where we all acknowledge and embrace our differences and uniqueness, and listen to and value each other’s views.

    We believe every individual should be treated fairly and respectfully, and have equal access to opportunities and resources. This means being open to and accepting of the diverse experience, perspectives and style of each and every one of us. We’re convinced that a diverse and inclusive culture drives business success and makes for a great place to work.


    • We are taking steps to foster a more inclusive workplace, including a new global gender diversity goal to grow the percentage of our women in senior leadership to 25% by 2020.
    • To optimize our gender parity levels, we have implemented practices to ensure that we always hire and promote the most qualified candidate for a specific role.
    • Inclusive culture and leadership is required to maximize benefit from diversity. Therefore we are rolling out unconscious bias awareness training for the Philips leadership team (PLT) and their teams to initiate an ongoing dialogue and awareness about bias that leads to team commitments to mitigate bias.
    • We are developing a global mentoring framework to create structure, stimulate new connections and mutual learning to develop and progress diverse talent (fueling collaboration).
    • We will build on our Women’s Leadership programs with a focus on networking and sponsoring by males and females.

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    Embrace the unexpected

    Over 125 years ago, Frederik and Gerald Philips started a small lightbulb company in Eindhoven. Little did they realize that it would become a global force of innovation, committed to improving billions of lives worldwide. But it did.

    Today, Philips is a world leading health technology company with a vision to make life better for people worldwide through meaningful innovation. Making good on this promise depends on our inclusive, passionate, inspirational, collaborative and diverse team.

    We have over 74,000 brilliant people around the world but are always looking for more. Like-minded, motivated, focused minds to join us in creating a healthier, more connected society while transforming themselves personally and professionally.

    Working at Philips is more than a job. It’s an experience filled with unexpected moments that will transform you in lasting and positive ways. Help us improve the world for the better while building a career that no one could have planned for. Even you.


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At heart, Philips is an innovation company: we are determined to be a company of ‘All Talents’ to fulfill our terrific potential and deliver on our goal to improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2030. - Frans van Houten, CEO