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Offensive Security

Offensive Security (OffSec) is the world’s most trusted provider of cyber security training and certification. Our rigorous training programs are industry-standard and our certified alumni highly sought-after. We help businesses, government, and educational institutions become more secure. We help individuals enter or advance their careers in cyber security. Built upon the belief that the only way to achieve sound defensive security is to take an offensive approach, we help people develop the Try Harder mindset with hands-on, real-world like labs, and equip them with the skills to succeed in tackling the challenges of cyber security in everyday life and work. Our mission is to empower the world to fight cyber threats by inspiring the Try Harder mindset. Excited about our mission and what we do? Apply and join us!
New York, New York
Computer & Network Security
201-500 employees
Founded 2006


Empowering the world to fight cyber threats by inspiring the Try Harder mindset.


  • Treat each other as family.

  • Be passionate in your contribution.

  • Act with integrity.

  • Foster and grow with communities.

  • Innovate to lead the market.

Diversity & Inclusion

With over 200+ employees in over 30 countries, Offensive Security (OffSec) believes in inspiring the Try Harder mindset with people of all backgrounds and communities. The Offensive Security team is composed of diverse, internationally published authors, conference speakers, and seasoned information technology professionals from both the private sector and governments worldwide. 

At OffSec, we treat each other as family. We strive to create and maintain a place where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences. We work as a team and build on each other’s strengths. 

In order to foster and grow with communities, it is important for us to appreciate their value and to contribute and cooperate to help everyone succeed. Diversity and inclusion are embodied in our values and the way we innovate to lead the market. Our goals encourage team cooperation, not competition. 

We are passionate about our contributions. We believe in our mission and its  value to  our customers and communities. Our team members act with integrity. We respect the gravity of our mission and the importance of our reputation.


Remote, with a sense of family and community. From OffSec’s inception, OffSec has been 100% remote. We have employees based in 30+ countries. Whether we are reachable by a toss of a coin or an airplane, we still have a tight-knit sense of community; it feels as if we are working next to each other. We share the same drive and dedication to inspire the Try Harder mindset at OffSec and among our clients and students.

Innovation and passion. We work collaboratively to provide world-class pentesting training. We teach our students how to protect company assets, personal data, and the most classified government intelligence. Everyone at OffSec has an opportunity to have a real-world impact on people and to provide a best-in-class experience to our clients and students.

The Try Harder Mindset. “Try Harder” is about the mindset of a successful penetration tester. Not only do we instill this mindset on our students, our employees also live by this ethos. We think critically and try new solutions. We also know how and when to step back, see the big picture, and manage ourselves and our time.

"Since starting at OffSec, I've already come to feel integrated into the company and its culture. OffSec instills a sense of community at its core and always makes sure to keep employees engaged with one another, even though we're all working remotely. Not only can you freely reach out to anyone in the company, but Ning Wang, our CEO, holds weekly office hours which are a way of imitating conversations we might've had in a physical office. I feel truly valued in the work I do and collaboration is constantly encouraged whether at a team or broader level. OffSec is a great company for valuable work, community and collaboration and I'm so happy I joined the team!"
Cecilia Santis, B2B Digital Marketing Specialist
"The work environment at Offensive Security breeds respect, integrity, and a sense of community. I truly feel that my colleagues and management care about my wellbeing. I am encouraged to take time off, discouraged from working long hours or weekends, and I have a sense of freedom and flexibility that I have not felt at other companies. I am proud to work at Offensive Security."
Dejan Zelic, Content Developer
"Working in different areas in OffSec - be in the ticket email support, investigation, legal, and working with people from all around the world, witnessing how cybersecurity could change people’s lives in a literal or a figurative way is something that’s intuitively stimulating. You see people pursuing their certificates and consequently contribute in the industry, thus improving cybersecurity and also improving their way of living. It’s an incomparable learning experience to me that led me to significantly value security in every aspect of my life than I ever had before."
Almira Jane Silla, ProXAM, SME

Social impact

We have a social responsibility committee that finds ways to contribute to our community through a voucher program and in 2021 are expanding to help financially as well. We encourage our employees to take volunteer time off and spend time working with the cause of their choice.

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