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About Natixis

Natixis is a French multinational financial services firm specialized in asset & wealth management, corporate & investment banking, insurance and payments. A subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest banking group in France through its two retail banking networks, Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne, Natixis counts over 16,000 employees across 36 countries. Its clients include corporations, financial institutions, sovereign and supranational organizations, and the customers of Groupe BPCE's networks.  

Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking Americas (CIB Americas)

The Americas platform delivers a diversified range of structured and asset financing, capital markets, and global transaction banking solutions, encompassing both standard and structured transactions across the spectrum of risk profiles. Our clients include institutional, corporate, and local government clients in North and South America.

Natixis CIB Americas has offices in New York, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Houston, Lima, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montréal, Santiago, and São Paolo, and a staff of more than 700. The Americas platform provides an exhaustive range of products and services, as well as access to Natixis research.

In the capital markets field, our range of solutions spans the credit markets, interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange, global markets commodities, guaranteed investment contracts and derivative investments, money market products and services, global structured credit & solutions, equity markets, and multi asset solutions.

In structured & asset financing, we specialize in global energy and commodities, global infrastructure & projects, acquisition & strategic finance, real estate finance, and aviation finance.

New York, NY
Financial Services
10,000+ employees



#1 Impact & Beyond


We are a global bank with operations across 36 countries, but our local presence helps us stay close to clients and work on a human scale. A combination of empowerment and trust means fast decision times, access to top management and freedom of action for each member.

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care.

Here at Natixis, every staff member has scope to take initiative and take very concrete action to contribute to both the company’s growth and his or her own personal development.


Entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted at Natixis and has made us who we are today, earning our clients’ trust over the years by relentlessly pursuing innovation.
Our approach is brought to life in a broad range of initiatives, including internal project incubators, co-creation processes with our clients, investment in fintech startups such as Le Pot Commun, Danelys and PayPlug among others, and digitalization of our products and services. »

#2 Opportunities & Beyond


Constantly challenging ourselves, always moving forward, thinking ever bigger.

In an ever-faster changing world, the way we learn, and train is changing too. With access to an extensive range of resources, you will develop your capabilities on a daily basis, enhancing your expertise via our campus programs and gaining new skills, especially in the digital arena. We also offer tailored development programs via our inhouse university to support the growth of our leaders and high-potential employees, who are the key catalysts in our transformation and the driving forces for our strategy.


Mobility is a real priority at Natixis and half our positions are filled by staff already in the company. This mobility makes a vast contribution on an individual level as well as to the company as a whole. It helps us address our clients’ needs and requirements on their markets. So, take advantage of our range of long- and short-term assignments worldwide to reap the benefits of our cultural diversity. Enjoy a variety of professional experience as a result of our broader position within Groupe BPCE, our vast array of business lines and our offices around the globe.


A caring environment and prime working conditions are key to helping you unlock your potential, so we make every effort to invest in your wellbeing. We encourage work-life balance and creativity with our enhanced workspace layouts, office software and digital systems to promote co-working, as well as remote working for greater mobility. »

#3 Commitment & Beyond


Committed to making our convictions reality.

We encourage our teams to support charity work alongside Secours Populaire, get involved in solidarity initiatives such as the Odyssea race, and support education via the Paris Dauphine university talents program and the skills sponsorship program.


Committed to becoming the key bank in sustainable finance.

We believe in green capitalism, and design innovative financing and investment solutions to address today’s environmental and climate challenges.


Committed to promoting diversity of profiles and being attentive to our staff’s needs.

Performance goes hand-in-hand with diversity. Our aim is to ensure that all our talents can develop and grow. Every voice counts, so we reach out to our staff every two years to find out how we’re doing. We welcome their input on the working environment and the company as a whole and take on board their feedback.

Diversity & Inclusion


Our equality in the workplace policy is based on three main priorities: female representation in business lines that are traditionally more male-dominated, their representation in top roles, and wage equality.

Since 2019, we have stepped up our commitment and featured for the first time in the Bloomberg gender-equality index, signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles and supported the development of an investment fund promoting gender equality by our subsidiary Mirova.

We also rank as the leading bank for gender balance in management bodies for companies listed on the SBF 120.


Natixis signed its fourth Disability agreement at the start of 2020. This agreement includes pledges on recruitment, purchases in the adapted and protected work sector and awareness initiatives for Natixis employees. The employment rate staff with disabilities has more than tripled at Natixis.


Natixis is committed to LGBT+ inclusion and supports professional networks created through employee-led initiatives. The London-based Natixis Pride Network was established in November 2019 and the All Equals network in 2020, which has several hundred members located in Paris, Bordeaux, Caen, Porto, New York, or Boston. Both these networks are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.







•Health & Fitness

•Commuter Benefits

•Employee Assistance Program

•Emergency Backup Childcare

•And more


Here at Natixis, we are convinced that sustainable performance goes hand-in-hand with a focus on our staff, and we have rolled out an ambitious policy over recent years to support employees’ health, wellbeing, and work-life quality more broadly speaking.

Natixis has held the Top Employer certification since 2017, applauding the company’s commitment to supporting work-life balance for its staff, with:

  • The development of teleworking, which more than half of staff had already taken up before the health crisis, as well as new ways of working, such as collaborative tools and new workspaces,
  • Creation of concierge services,
  • The reservation of daycare places for parents with young children.

As well as

  • The development of new workspaces, tools and more collaborative ways of working, as well as programs for each and every one of our staff to express their views and be heard.

We also feature among the best employers in France, ranking 10th in the Glassdoor classification of the best employers in 2020.

Social impact

Combining value creation and responsible finance


Our staff work on a daily basis to reduce our environmental footprint and take practical action to encourage greater solidarity. Natixis is committed to working with civil society and is involved in several initiatives to support the common good. Here at Natixis, we offer more than just a job – all our staff have a role to play and are empowered to make an impact.


Social and environmental goals are embedded across all our areas of expertise to support our clients in staging the transition of their own businesses. Natixis is the first bank to actively manage its balance sheet’s climate impact via the Green Weighting Factor, an innovative mechanism to promote financing transactions that safeguard the environment and the climate.


Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is a true long-term performance enabler and comprises an integral component of our corporate strategy.

Opportunities at Natixis