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    MongoDB unleashes the power of software and data for innovators everywhere.


    Think Big, Go Far - Make it Matter - Build Together - Be Intellectually Honest - Own What You Do - Embrace the Power of Differences


    "Balance" makes work and life sound mutually exclusive. We prefer blending the two into a perfect work/life smoothie, packed with the richness of an employee-centric office, and the health benefits of unlimited personal flexibility.

Diversity & Inclusion

    The MongoDB's Women’s Group meets monthly to discuss any and all things relevant to women in tech and professional working women in an open and honest forum. Mentorship, guidance, and advice are offered through a mentor/mentee program (which includes members of our exec staff). Trending topics, recent news articles, blog posts, and current events are often discussed; it’s common for members to lead conversations on topics such as Assertiveness in the Workplace and Intrapreneurship, and for female board members and executive staff to host roundtables and AMAs (ask me anything). Along with more formal discussions we have a Slack channel and email group where anyone is encouraged to ask questions, start a discussion, or just post about an interesting article or book they’ve just read. It’s grown organically to the point where multiple people post several times a day from all over the globe. The group also organizes social events to raise awareness, gain new members, and have fun.


    We believe in free expression, respect and inclusion, and always having each other's backs. Work at MongoDB, and you get to mix with cool, diverse people who keep it real every day and build together.


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"MongoDB is a great place to start and grow your career. There is nowhere to go but up." - Francesca Krihely, Senior Manager, Content Marketing