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Who I Want To Be in Five Years

    Myself, the best version of me :)


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    South Africa Embracing Change
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    South Africa Embracing Change

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    modelZ- You showed great courage! I was also taught a bit of judo....  by my father. At the age of six, I was able to flip him onto the kitchen floor. Boy, was I shocked! That ability helped me once when my son, yup, you heard correctly, tried to punch me. He was about 30 pounds heavier than I was at the time, but I was able to grab his arm and use his forward momentum to twist it behind his back and deter his threat.  And yup, boy was HE surpised! Self defense methods; however, don't prevent violence toward women. It will take an enlightened society to do so. Not only do men have to grasp what respect means, but women need to recognize the signs of abuse when it happens to them. That's not easy while the brain chemistry of attraction and romance are hard at work trying to cement you into the relationship. Recognizing that Mother Nature is hard at work to keep you together with your abuser, by virtue of the addictive quality of romantic love, can make it easier for victims to face the facts and find the exit door, before it's too late! People fight lots of addictions... to nicotine, to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. We all need to understand that romantic love is another form of addiction, and when the relationship becomes toxic, we need to abstain and recover.

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