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The LEGO Group

Joining the LEGO® family means building your career with one of the world’s most recognized and loved brands. You will experience a safe space to grow, learn and do your best work. We believe leadership is for everyone, not just people leaders and we succeed together. Children are our role models and the importance of play has been at the heart of our business ever since 1932 when the company was founded. Today we are more than 18,000 colleagues worldwide, working to bring LEGO play to children everywhere and guided by our mission – to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. If our mission energizes you, come and help us make a positive impact on the lives of children, our colleagues, our communities and the planet.
Enfield, CT
Consumer Goods
10,000+ employees
Founded 1932

Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow


Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.


Imagination - Creativity - Fun - Learning - Caring - Quality

Diversity & Inclusion

Global Diversity & Inclusion Priorities

We have two overall priorities for D&I: Value Differences and Improve Representation

  • Diversity begins with inclusion, in our ability to welcome all, be curious, open and bring the best out in each other.
  • We succeed together by becoming even better at collaborating and not only with people like us but with people from many different backgrounds, disciplines and experience.
  • So the heart of D&I is about inclusion, and inclusion is a behavior, an act of leadership - our ability to energise everybody everyday.

Our D&I Ambition

"Build a diverse organization with a unique sense of belonging to reach and inspire every child in the world."


Working at the LEGO Group is more than just fun: it’s exciting, inspiring, and filled with creativity. It’ll spark your imagination every day, and might just inspire you to explore career directions you’d never considered before. There’s a lot to discover, so start here.

Since Ole Kirk Cristiansen founded his carpentry business in 1932, the Kirk Kristiansen family have played a leading role in the business. This continues today, with our 4th generation owners, so the values, beliefs and traditions that Ole created still guide us.

The family remains committed to making a positive difference to children around the world, via Learning-through-Play. This ambition is laid out in the LEGO® Idea Paper, which describes their fundamental belief that children are our role models. We see it come alive throughout the LEGO Brand Framework, which steers everything we do today.

As a company that cares deeply about children’s development, our aspiration is to promote family-friendly workplaces across our supply chain. We understand the critical role parents and caregivers have, especially during a child’s formative years, and believe that the impact of workplace policies on a parent’s opportunity to fulfil this role is critical.

Social impact

With the help of our passionate LEGO employees we aim to leverage the transformational power of learning through play to inspire and develop children. Our local community engagement program currently operates in 26 countries, and we are working hard to expand it even further. The program relies on our employees in each country volunteering to help create projects to inspire children. These projects meet local needs, provide opportunities to local children, and leverage the skills and interests of local employees to have the greatest impact on the lives of children.

Together, we can rebuild the world!

At the LEGO Group, we’re playing our part in building a sustainable future and creating a better, brighter world for our children to inherit. 

It’s our aim that by 2025 all LEGO packaging will be made from renewable or recycled materials, will be made as efficiently as possible, and will be easy for consumers to recycle.

The most challenging mission before us is to make all core LEGO products from sustainable materials by 2030.

Opportunities at The LEGO Group

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