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    क्या आपको पता है भारत ने सियाचिन ग्लेशियर पर कैसे कब्ज़ा किया था? (जंगली गुलाबों की जगह किसे कहाँ जाता है ?)

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    Bảo vệ tim mạch với quả óc chó

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    #facetherace As someone who is studying film and media in college, I am always interested in how the media affects society. Often times, I look at how people of color are portrayed in the media and my research and experiences have shown me that they are often falsely portrayed. Specifically, these television and film characters are often simplified or stereotyped and made subordinate to white people. The media even has a tendency to leave them out. On a personal note, I couldn't imagine being a little girl and rarely seeing someone like myself on the TV screen. Today, I might not be perusing a career as a news anchor if that was the case because it would make me think that I am not good enough to be that successful. This video explains the importance of including different racial and ethnic groups in the media. It also shows some of the progress that has been made of race mixing in commercials. Although, these efforts to improve this major issue are great, there there is still a lot of work to be done.

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    Meet the President: Hannah Doherty

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