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    Self-made Multi Millionaire. Entrepreneur since the age of 3.




    Katrina founded Kat Loterzo (now The Katrina Ruth Show) in 2012 and is the CEO and face of her brand. She has a growing community of 40,000 Facebook followers as well as a 400 strong tribe of mostly female entrepreneurs in her High Vibe Mastermind monthly program ( Katrina has been published in Forbes Magazine, personally interviewed Gary Vee, has a Huffington Post column and has had write ups on the Entrepreneur Network, Ryan Stewman's Hardcore Closer and EJ '' - just to name a few. A consistent best selling author with 50 eBooks under her belt so far and over 300 courses and programs to date - she is the 'Content Queen'. Before the Kat Loterzo/The Katrina Ruth Show brand, Katrina founded Woman Incredible in 2010 and Play Life Coaching in 2007. Over the course of 15 years as the owner and founder of these businesses, Katrina personally helped over 3000 women to achieve their dream bodies. She was also published in numerous national and international publications including Oxygen Magazine, The Herald Sun, Women’s Health & Fitness, Dumb Little Man and many more, and has also published over 1,000 articles online under the banner of these previous Health, Fitness & Mindset businesses. Her Woman Incredible Facebook page still maintains 22,000+ followers.