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Placement Consultant - Regulated Manufacturing

I've sold different commodities and excelled in different industries.

Over a decade worth of sales experiences have etched into my understanding that having the ability to actively listen speaks volumes.

"The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT."
- Alfred Brendel

The deciding factor between winning and losing comes down to being able to hear the pauses between sentences and see a client's hesitation before their action. Professional integrity demands that each client is educated. Speak the words that need to heard - regardless of their desirability.

But first...

Listen twice as long. Look twice as deep. Talk half as much.

When learning about a client's needs allow the ears and eyes to teach the mouth what is important. Analyze skill sets and dissect cultural nuances. Ensure that each solution presented is the best choice. Each solution must be equipped with the tenacity required to excel.

I am curious, teachable and always ready to conquer new territory. My true value lies within my strong work ethic, attitude of ownership and desire to succeed.

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