FINDMINE Machine Learning for Smarter Retail.
8mo Harvard Job

FINDMINE is seeking a Software Engineer with a strong ability for problem solving, experience in working with web oriented architectures and frameworks, and someone who takes extreme pride in their work.

•Work with FINDMINE's core systems and carry the ablility to quickly learn and improve such systems.
•Create new features and fix bugs with: backend communications services and scraping applications, machine learning processing services, and RESTful API layer services.
•Work with machine learning theoretical specifications and per-existing models. As part of the team our engineers get a significant exposure the machine learning ecosystems which they are responsible for improving. Machine learning experience is expected but is not required for this position.
•Craft excellent documentation for one’s respective projects and have ownership over the code and the instructional tutorials of how to use it.
•Participate in design brain-storming sessions and have willingness defend one’s suggestions and opinions against colleague’s counter arguments.

•2+ years experience with distributed services design and scaling API facing web software.
•Intermediate level experience with python 2.7 and 3.5+
•Proven use of/comfort with the following: gil, bash, mysql, git, linux, unix, protobuf, redis, c/c++, tcp/ip, parallel computation programming such as multiprocessing and multithreading

•Familiarity with cloud technologies (AWS, GCloud,etc), elastic search, tcp/ip, icmp, udp, http, tls, etc.,
•Write quality code and be responsible for finding the best approaches possible, optimizing, and fixing bugs, etc. Be really bothered by bad or inefficient code. Like it should haunt your dreams.
•Work collaboratively with product team. Be familiar with Agile development but also be able to work sporadically and without a lot of hand holding.
•Experience with frontend technologies is a big plus. Knowledge of Angular/React/Etc. As well as intermediate understanding of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.
•Desire to keep learning - whether that means more in your field or in machine learning, business development, product management, etc.
•Also helpful if you think online shopping is a hot mess, like making machines do the shopping for you -- and have a sense of humor about computers enslaving us all -- and enjoy flexibility, ambiguity, and fun projects.

•Super flexible work environment - take time when you need it, choose when and how you do your best work
•Constant support for your learning and development. Want to speak at PyCon? We'll make it happen. Want to bring your mentee to the office to shadow you? We'll meet with her and coach her too!
•Medical/dental/vision benefits from day 1
•Free snacks, cold brew, beer in the office
•Plus we're part of StartupNY, so our employees pay ZERO state or city income tax! That's like an extra 10% on top of your salary!!

We're almost all women! As a female founder and member of the tech community for 10+ years, I am very involved in advocating for equality, active in several women in tech groups (I recently led a public speaking training for one). Our whole team (including the three men we work with - one full time (my CTO/cofounder) and two part time) boycotted the office for International Women's day as a sign of solidarity. Sarah has "Smash the Patriarchy" pens and Angela mentors a girl through a tech inclusion program. We're also very supportive of working parents.

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Machine Learning for Smarter Retail.

FINDMINE is an award-winning automation technology for retailers to scale the currently manual and tedious process of product curation on ecommerce and in stores.

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