Tiffany C Everett #ADegreeofChange

The Job Mom, Blogger, Special needs Strategist, Realtor. I impart Hope, Support, and Faith

My goal is to touch and inspire. I want you to know that with hard work, faith, and dedication, nothing is impossible. Fear is our number one enemy, and not properly caring for ourselves is right up there with it.

A degree of change can impact your life greatly. I am a Mom, Realtor, and Founder of Z Expressions, which collaborates with professionals to provide Fun, Education and Appreciation Events, Wellness, Community Service, Mentoring and Support for parents of Children with special needs and jobs. As a special needs strategist I help moms kick stress and chaos to the curb with super simple strategies to help you balance it all.

I am excited to write and blog and I thank you for being a fan. I am ecstatic that you are joining me on this journey as we discuss family, homeschooling, fashion, health, gluten free living and anything else I believe will help you on your path. By the way I enjoy playing with words and enjoying life, so you may see some created twords(words).
Port St Lucie, FL
Individual & Family Services

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