Struck A modern agency for evolutionary brands

Struck Is… 

a modern agency for evolutionary brands. With a focus on strategic insights, measurable objectives, and consumer engagement, Struck creates award-winning and results-driven work—branding, multi-channel campaigns, and digital experiences for a wide range of clients, including Utah Office of Tourism, Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Icon Fitness, and McDonald’s. Struck has offices in Salt Lake City, Portland (OR) and Los Angeles.

We Need...

 a creative director with strong digital experience, who drives growth by bringing a unique creative perspective for clients and Struck. You are a true leader who brings clients and internal teams together to work toward a common outcome. You lead multiple large, complex engagements and serve as a role model for interdisciplinary teams that focus on the client and the user(s).

You Fight For...

Relationships: The Creative Director is, first and foremost, a strategic influencer who thinks and acts like a leader—inside and outside of Struck. They create an open and trusting relationship with their clients as well as within Struck’s walls. 

Vision: The Creative Director is a true visionary who thinks strategically and feels pure excitement when developing new ideas. They are a trend-setter and anticipator, keeping tabs on industry best practices to help strategize and improvise. They are abreast of the latest trends in marketing, digital, social media, branding and advertising and how these trends can apply to our clients’ businesses.

Growth: The Creative Director promotes the growth of the client and Struck by managing toward user outcomes. They work closely with the account and strategy teams to choose appropriate user outcome metrics that help the team learn and understand clients and users.

Radical Collaboration: The Creative Director knows collaboration is more than conference calls and video chats; it’s discovering our individual passions and fighting to give one another ways to show it. The Creative Director is a role model for radical collaboration, which requires a foundation of trust, respect, and shared ownership across the team.

Diversity & Empowerment: The Creative Director understands that no single dimension defines us. While they know it’s important to focus on user outcomes, they understand it’s equally important to design the way our teams are organized to achieve those outcomes.

Adaptation: The Creative Director knows the fast-moving digital world demands that Struck is nimble, flexible and able to rapidly adapt. The Creative Director is a role model for welcoming change and risk and cultivates an atmosphere where constant evolution is not a frightening prospect.

You Have...

  • Multiple years of experience in a client facing, creative leadership role within an agency setting.
  • Extensive background in branding, campaigns, content creation and digital experiences.
  • The ability and experience to act as a creative generalist, whether your path to leadership was through art direction, writing, or design.
  • Excellent presentation skills and communication abilities for both internal and external needs.
  • The chops to direct all the projects of a modern agency: interaction design, brand strategy and development, user experience, advertising, content creation, and hard-to-define experiential oddities.

We’re always looking for ways to better support women and cultivate a more diverse team. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken and initiatives we’ve established to ensure we’re leading by example:

- We host scheduled diversity and inclusion trainings
- We implement monthly Struck Ed sessions on empathy
- We send bi-weekly Struck Ed emails on gender equality
- We adopted a new parental leave policy. And we've already had two employees enjoy the benefit.
- We were active advocates/allies/participants in the Day Without A Woman protests/activities
- We implemented EEOC Compliance on all job applicants and established a process to regularly review EEOC data
- We introduced a mentorship program (for 10 people at Struck) with an emphasis on inclusivity and building more diverse leaders
- We empower our employees to work from home when doing so makes their lives easier.
- We foster relationships with like-minded organizations and groups (AIGA, SWIM, 3%)
- We developed new field guides (for creative directors, account directors, and producers) that have a focus on inclusion and building diverse teams.
- We're proactive about finding more diverse candidates through channels like Mogul. Of our five most recent hires, four have been women

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A modern agency for evolutionary brands

Struck is a modern agency for evolutionary brands. We partner in our clients’ success by creating work that matters to people. We transform brands by re-imagining the customer experience at every touchpoint: physical, digital, social, traditional and even virtual. We create award-winning and [...]

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