Communications Growth Strategist at Dagne Dover - Mogul


Dagne Dover is looking for a full-time Communications Growth Strategist with a passion for storytelling, writing and social media.


  • Own the strategy for Dagne Dover external communications
  • Lead the Dagne Dover storytelling strategy for media and in-person events
  • Spearhead pitching to media (print, digital, television, podcasts, radio, etc.) and liaise with cross-functional teams to develop compelling advertising, communication and brand awareness opportunities
  • Manage interview/communication needs and responses
  • Manage customer-facing, brand-focused communications


  • Are a self-motivated, high-performer with high expectations for yourself
  • Love a good story and are a master at pitching effectively to various types of publications
  • Have impeccable verbal and written communication; you should be comfortable speaking in the media and on panel discussions
  • Have strong relationships with print and digital publications in at least two of the following areas: lifestyle, fashion, business, bloggers
  • Have strong follow-up skills with internal and external partners and a knack for fostering deep relationships; you’re extremely likeable!
  • Can react quickly to exciting communications/brand awareness opportunities
  • Are deadline-focused and highly organized
  • Are naturally into social media and are an expert at how to best utilize it, what other users are doing to engage with audiences, etc.
  • Are “in the know” about what’s cool and what other forward-thinking brands are doing for partnerships, communications, collaborations, and anything else that promotes brand awareness
  • We are open to all qualified candidates with 5+ years experience, as cultural fit is extremely important to us, and we plan for our team members to grow with the company. A fit is a fit!

Editorial background from publications like PureWow, R29, Oprah Mag, NYMag and other lifestyle, fashion, retail and/or business publications, is a plus. Experience as a blogger with a rich blogger network is also a plus.

As a female-founded team, we started Dagne Dover to help women be the best version of themselves, by arming them with more than just arm candy

Dagne Dover bags and accessories are made for our on-the-go generation that expects services and products to multi-task, be data-driven, and work harder. We need products that perform

Our bags solve the worry about finding your keys or wallet, and the panic from a leaky water bottle spilling all over your laptop, papers and phone. We have a growing collection of smartly designed bags, with a variety of functional solutions, including a laptop sleeve, iPad sleeve, water bottle holder, keystrap, ID/metrocard holder and more.

At Dagne Dover, we support everyone holistically. We know that one's happiness, effectiveness and performance is based on one's personal and professional life -- and one is not more important than the other. That means we have a flexible work-at-home and vacation policy. We also have a rich team culture that's super fun!

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We live in an age where we expect the services and products we use to be better than the status quo. They need to multi-task, be data-driven, and work harder. They need to perform. Dagne Dover bags and accessories are made for our on-the-go generation. We solve the worry about finding your keys or [...]

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