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5mo Career Job

Write, edit, and direct the viewpoint of the MongoDB engineering team and its executives, utilizing your rare combination of expertises in communications and software engineering.

This role offers

  • High visibility of work both within and without
  • Very broad exposure across the organization
  • Direct work with the CTO and his reports
  • Uniquely fitting role for hybrid humanities/tech personalities

Team description

The office of the CTO executes on research and communications initiatives, working across the entire company to ensure alignment and success. Engineering communications, a division of the office of the CTO:

  • Represents engineering to its peers in the technology community with written and performed material
  • Builds high production-value presentations complete with live demos
  • Collaborates with the (non-engineering) communications teams to validate technical accuracy and ensure messaging is authentically in sync with a developer mindset
  • Supports crafting the overall narrative of the work and product of the engineering team

The right candidate for this role will have

  • Excellent written communication skills, with experience in both composing and editing
  • A background in tech and software development
  • A passion for accurate, succinct, and elegant slides
  • A habit of watching the WWDC keynote with an eye for presentation design
  • The temperament and ability to explain editing rationales to less experienced writers or non-technical collaborators
  • The ability to resolve conflicting edits and gain stakeholder consensus in a document

Success Measures

  • In 3 months:
    • Publish an engineering blog post under supervision
    • Be familiar with MongoDB’s presentation style, schedule and technical message
    • Deliver research and writing on delegated material on a single initiative of the communications steering committee
    • Update and improve an existing slide deck for subsequent delivery
    • Perform updates to keynote deck as it moves from event to event, to account for changes in material
  • In 6 months:
    • Publish 1 more blog post as principle editor
    • Work with product managers to ideate keynote demos and draft their specs that mesh with the overall messaging goals set by the CTO
    • Ensure all talks highlighted in MDBW keynote have content in full alignment with keynote messaging
  • In 12 months:
    • Publish 4 more blog posts as principle editor
    • Wholly own segments of a major keynote or event booth
    • Create 4 new presentations, shepherding through the full process and demonstrating mastery of our message and executive voice



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