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    Harnessing the power of technology and the expertise of our team, we serve the evolving needs of publishers and media companies throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.


    Many employees note how the culture of Index Exchange is like that of a family. As a group of people dedicated to doing business honestly and transparently, colleagues feel connected and supported as they work towards a common business goal. It's important that employees interact, away from their desk and with all teams—whether that's weekly catered lunches, mid-day Nerf gun fights, or coffee breaks in the kitchen.


    As we move toward every media dollar being transacted via technology, IX will enable fair and transparent marketplaces, maximizing liquidity, and measurable value for publishers and media companies.


    • Fully Stocked Kitchen: Whether you're trying to eat healthy, looking for a caffeine kick or mulling that midday treat, our kitchen is equipped to satisfy any snack attack.
    • Gym & Health Discount: Receive a monthly stipend to curb the cost of your gym membership, take advantage of our fitness club affiliations and join our quarterly wellness group activities.
    • Bi-Annual Company Retreats: Join your colleagues from around the globe for company content and incredible activities (ice skating at Rockefeller Center, anyone?) and get excited about what's next for IX.
    • Retirement Saving Plan: We provide all of our employees with a 401k plan and offer a competitive 5% company match.
    • Team Outings: Each team is given a calendar of events that encourage camaraderie and team building outside our office walls.
    • Health/Insurance Benefits: We provide all employees with company sponsored medical benefits covering your health, dental and vision.
    • Weekly Catered Lunches: Enjoy delicious complimentary lunches with your colleagues from some of the best restaurants in the city.
    • Flexible Work Schedule: Everyone is hardwired differently - that's why we provide a flexible daily schedule so you can work when and where you'll be most productive.


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