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Grand Circle Travel

We’re in the business of changing lives—starting with yours. If you want your workdays to be exciting, challenging, and rewarding, consider a career at Grand Circle Corporation (GCC). GCC works hard to provide a workplace that is stimulating, fulfilling, and meaningful for our associates—an environment where personal passion and professional potential are explored equally. Our associates are curious, compassionate, and hard-working people that strive for excellence. But we also like to have fun along the way. At GCC, we constantly challenge each other to try new things and find innovative ways of doing business. We encourage risk-taking in our associates—and we understand the value of learning from our mistakes. We’ve been providing impactful, intercultural experiences for our travelers for decades. If you want a career that will change lives—both for our travelers and for yourself—view our open positions and submit an application today.
Boston, MA
Leisure, Travel & Tourism
501-1000 employees

Leader in Enriching Travel & Cultural Experiences since 1958


Associate Responsibility: We will provide an environment that fosters professional development and encourages personal growth for our associates. We will maintain competitive compensation and benefits packages relative to the industry and community. We will conduct business with respect for each individual and their role within the organization.

Customer Responsibility: Through direct and web marketing, we are committed to providing experienced American travelers with the most exciting travel, adventure, and discovery programs in the world at unequaled value. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Financial Responsibility: We will operate Grand Circle Corporation in a sound financial manner, to create growth, and increase its value.

Social Responsibility: Global citizenship is central to our success. We will commit time, people, and funding through Grand Circle Foundation to local, national, and global communities in which we live and explore, thus creating a better world for our travelers to discover.


The foundation upon which our company is built, our values shape our decisions, give direction to our growth, and allow us to measure our progress.

At Grand Circle Corporation (GCC), our values set us apart: Open & Courageous Communication, Risk Taking, Thriving in Change, Teamwork, Speed, and Quality

Working for GCC, you’ll see examples of the values everywhere: from taking on new leadership opportunities to navigating an ever-changing environment of new challenges. 

Open and Courageous Communication: Asking for and giving frank, honest and open feedback is critical for all of us to break down barriers, continuously improve what we do, and drive a successful business. We must each communicate in a direct, candid and respectful manner that reflects our true thoughts and convictions. Simply saying the “politically correct” thing or remaining silent is detrimental to this environment and is not acceptable. We believe that recognizing our weaknesses and asking for help is a sign of strength.

Risk Taking: We will be asked to move outside of our comfort zone to try things we may not have tried before, and to push ourselves to attempt things we are not sure we can do. We must foster an environment where it is safe to make mistakes. These are important learning experiences and the key to creating a learning organization. Failure results only when we do not even attempt the well intended risks, or when we do not learn from the outcomes. Growth will happen when we do.

Thriving in Change: In these times of rapid change, global competition, and high volatility in the travel industry, we must be prepared to change course and move forward. Being well organized may sometimes be less important than moving quickly. The goal is for each of us to maximize our effectiveness, and ultimately our success, in an unpredictable and ever-changing environment.

Speed: We must be fast, flexible, and as time competitive as possible to keep us ahead of our competition and be a leader in our industry. We must continuously take our speed to new levels if we are to achieve the aggressive corporate goals we have set.

Quality: Our decisions must be made and actions taken in accordance with high standards of quality and service. Quality can be subjective, and in our business quality often involves a compromise between speed and perfection. When the level of quality required is in question, we will operate to the high standards expected by our customers. Excellence in our quality will continually enhance our repeat business and ultimately our financial performance.

Teamwork: We believe in groups of people who work together to create excellent results, solve difficult problems, support each other personally and professionally, and recognize their success. In a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment each member of the team is critical for success. Empowered teams are committed to taking the necessary actions to ensure that the team will reach its goals. Every member must be fully accountable for the team’s and one’s own personal results.

"I love working at GCT because of the strong emphasis we place on our company culture, core values, and performance. I was also really drawn to the company’s mission to help change people’s lives through travel."
Kim Dyda
SVP Web App Delivery

Social impact

Grand Circle Foundation

In 1992, owners Alan and Harriet Lewis established the nonprofit Grand Circle Foundation to support communities in which Grand Circle works and travels, including some 300 humanitarian, cultural, and educational endeavors worldwide—among them, 100 schools, in 50 countries.  The Foundation is an entity of the Lewis Family Foundation, has pledged or donated more than $200 million since 1981.

  • AIDS Walk—Associates participate and raise money from colleagues, family, and friends for this event sponsored by the AIDS Action Committee.
  • The Pan Mass Challenge—Our avid cyclists ride and raise money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute for this bike-a-thon.
  • The Greater Boston Food Bank—We donate food and help sort and pack the collections for one of the largest food banks in the area.
  • Rebuilding Together—Associates donate their time to help this national non-profit build and renovate low-income housing.
  • Blood Drives— We partner with local hospitals to have their blood mobiles come to our office at lest 3 times per year for blood donations.

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