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Goodbaby International is one of the world’s leading global durable juvenile products companies, headquartered in China. The Group’s core capabilities lie in Research & Development, design and quality manufacturing, marketing and sales of juvenile products, such as strollers, children’s car seats, juvenile household products, as well as juvenile toy vehicles.

With nearly 13,000 employees worldwide, we own nine Research & Development centres globally, located in America, Europe and Asia and manages sales, marketing and distribution offices in 11 countries. 

Our Group owns a number of globally renowned brands such as CYBEX, gb and Evenflo, all recognised for products with iconic design, innovative technology, superior safety features and thoughtful functionality. We are constantly looking for open-minded, creative and passionate people to join our teams across Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

Consumer Goods
10,000+ employees
Founded 1989



Be creative and stay open minded. To achieve the impossible you must imagine it first.


Desire and drive are key to achieving our goals. Passion can push you through any difficulty in pursuit of your goals.


Be bold, daring and resilient, this is how we approach our work and projects.

Belief & Trust

Believe and trust in yourself and the team. This empowers every colleague to take risks and make the right decisions alongside one another.


Be humble and respectful towards business partners, customers and your colleagues.


Pour your heart into everything you do. Connect with our products, our partners and our customers, because love is emotional, not rational.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Goodbaby International, we will be authentic, facilitate, and create diversity and inclusion as part of our history, our brand, and our culture. We will value and embrace change through every employee and acknowledge a diverse mix of minds, identities, backgrounds, and experiences. We are committed to establish a foundation and cultivate an equitable inclusive workplace and promote the company’s mission and norms. We will leverage and lead a diverse and inclusive workforce to educate, recruit & advance, donate, volunteer and affiliate supporting our internal and external partners to maximize organizational and individual potential. We are the Diversity & Inclusion Ambassadors.

Opportunities at Goodbaby