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    As an industry leader in embracing new technology and formats, our corporate culture is progressive and innovative, and one which welcomes employee participation, ideas and creativity.

    Because our brand is synonymous with expert news and analysis, our employees benefit from an intellectually stimulating environment, where integrity and personal values are part of our fabric.

    The global footprint of our brand means that an international perspective, in addition to diversity and inclusion, are also at the heart of our culture. Employees have also described the culture as one which is enjoyable and positive; our teams work hard but they feel supported, and they have fun along the way.


    We aim to provide a supportive and inclusive workplace for all FT employees no matter where they are based. In addition to our rich, core benefits portfolio, we also offer many career development programmes, flexible working arrangements, a minimum of 20 weeks fully paid maternity leave globally, parental leave options, volunteer opportunities and wellness initiatives. 


    The benefits of an inclusive workplace extend far and wide across an organisation, from happier and more productive teams to stronger business performance and better products. Different backgrounds and viewpoints also help us understand and respond to the changing needs of our readers, clients and partners. That’s why we have put in place a number of measures to continue building a culture of equality and opportunity at the FT. 

    Specifically regarding female talent - we've put in place a number of measures to recognise, promote and develop our female talent, to increase the number of women in leadership roles, to reach a wider talent pool and continue to build a culture of diversity and inclusion at the FT. Gender diversity has been at the top of our agenda for a while, and there are more women in senior roles across the newsroom and commercial teams than ever before.


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