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Fannie Mae

In simplest terms, Fannie Mae serves the people who house America. We work at the heart of housing by providing reliable, affordable mortgage financing in all markets at all times. This gives more people the opportunity to buy, refinance, or rent homes and apartments. Working at the heart of housing also means continuously improving our company and our industry. We work tirelessly with our partners to build a stronger, safer, more efficient housing finance system – one that continues to create housing opportunities for homebuyers and renters in all communities across the nation. Creating these opportunities is what drives the people who work at Fannie Mae. Our technology teams are helping to drive transformation across the enterprise through new services and solutions. Our technology delivers the tools our customers need for mortgage lending in the 21st century, helps to modernize and simplify the mortgage process, and provides a better overall experience for home buyers. When you think of Fannie Mae, you might not immediately think of developers, coders, engineers, and other IT professionals performing system analysis, testing, and technical analysis, but those employees play a major role in helping us achieve our vision to be America's most valued housing partner.

Financial Services
10,000+ employees

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