Ethically sourced products are not about charity. They are about story telling, empowerment, sustainability, and community––they are about humanity and origins, a global exchange of ideas, and the currency of culture.


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    Our Mission is to create a higher standard of living for marginalized communities around the world, by supporting trade relationships that reflect a higher ethical standard.


    At the core of Faire's Mission is a Vision: a world without poverty. One where every person can thrive in a dignified, economically sustainable way.

    As part of making this vision a reality, Faire dedicates 20% of our revenue to supporting our Seller Community, and to fostering entrepreneurship in developing regions.


    We believe that every single person should be able to thrive in a dignified, sustainable way––regardless of where they live.

    We believe that every person has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

    We believe that addressing the needs of the most marginalized people around the world has to start with a change in our thinking about global poverty; that everyone should have equal access to the world’s prosperity and opportunity.

    We believe in radical empowerment.

    We believe in leading with integrity, respect, and humility––always.