"Our employees imagine and create the tools and services that breathe life into the travel visions of our customers and partners. On our team we have the smartest, most curious and most humble technologists, data scientists, product visionaries, marketers…and the list goes on. We are a diverse and inclusive team that wants to make a difference. If you are eager to be part of a tech company that is changing the world for the better, by bringing people of all cultures closer together through the miracle of travel, then we want to talk to you." – Mark Okerstrom, President and CEO


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    We are the world’s travel platform. Our purpose is to bring the world within reach.

    We are among the largest technology companies in the world, and our work is solely dedicated to one of the most socially and economically important activities on the planet – travel.

    Travel is a force for good. Travel connects us culturally, emotionally and physically – not on a device or via a screen, but in the real world. Travel opens our eyes, our minds and our hearts.

    Travel makes people better. Travel makes the world better.

    But travel can be complicated, intimidating, frustrating and expensive. These challenges create barriers that can make the people and places of the world seem farther away from one another than they really are – and for many, seemingly out of reach.

    We are here to help knock down the barriers to travel, making it easier, more enjoyable, more attainable and more accessible, and in doing so, ultimately bring the world within closer reach. We believe our success can make the world a better place.


    We Believe in Being Different: We seek new ideas, different ways of thinking, diverse backgrounds and approaches, because averages can lie and sameness is dangerous. Because of this belief, our norms aren’t rules or universal at all corners of our company. But they are important to our identity and how we work together. Like our company, these norms will evolve.

    We Lead Humbly: Our leaders serve their teams. None of us has all of the answers, but we are curious and we are always looking to learn. Though our leaders take their responsibilities to our business and their teams incredibly seriously, they never take themselves too seriously.

    We are Transparent: We communicate openly and honestly, at all levels, upwards, sideways and downwards. We surface difficult issues quickly, we act, we learn.

    We Organize for Speed: We seek to gather data as fast as possible, and move. Speed allows us to make mistakes and constantly improve.

    We Believe in the Scientific Method: Everyone’s ideas are equal in the face of hard data. We use data to guide but not define our actions.

    We Act as One Team: We look to optimize for the greater good, not just our own, or even our own teams’ interests. We are actively interested in the success of others.



    1. We Will be Locally Relevant on a Global Basis
    2. We Will be Customer Centric
    3. We Will Attract and Engage the World of Travel Suppliers
    4. We Will Power Other Industry Partners
    5. We Will Continuously Improve Our Platform with Data and Tech
    6. We Will be the Place where Exceptional People Who Share our Passion for Tech and Travel Want to do their Best Work


    • Healthcare Coverage

    • Transportation Perks

    • Beverage Service

    • Tuition Reimbursement

    • Meditation / Prayer Room

    • Medical, Dental and Vision

    • Life, Health and Disability

    • Rewards and Recognition

    • Fitness Memberships

    • Excellent Vacation Policy


    We Embrace Diversity

    At Expedia Group, we believe in empowering our employees to connect with fellow colleagues who have the same interests and passions they do. From Women, LGBT, and Military/ Veteran focused affinity groups, to sustainability and volunteering causes, we support our employee’s passions and diversity around the world. You’ll find us recruiting at national conferences sponsored by diversity groups such as SWE (Society of Women Engineers), NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), SHPE (National Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers).

    We’re inclusive and that’s never going to change. Whatever your culture, your background or your way of life, we have a rewarding career in store for you.


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