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    At EA, we exist to Inspire the World to Play. We create amazing experiences for our players everywhere and we consider our players’ experiences first in everything we do.


    CREATIVITY: Striving to bring imagination, original ideas, and excitement to everything we do.

    PIONEERING: Acting with the curiosity and courage that it takes to experiment, innovate and lead.

    PASSION: We are at our best when we pursue what we love, and have fun doing it.

    DETERMINATION: Bringing focus, drive, and conviction to our actions. Thriving on the journey, and being motivated to achieve excellence.

    TEAMWORK: Committed to each other, and to the accountability and integrity, it takes to be a successful global team. 

    LEARNING: Listening, having humility and being open to new ways of thinking. Challenging ourselves to grow and change as a company.

Diversity & Inclusion

    We believe in being a force of change. We are investing in both internal and external initiatives that empower our employees, celebrate diversity, and actively foster inclusion within EA and our communities.  We are proud to be a leading employer for diverse talent and continue to look for ways to create the most inclusive workplace possible.

    • We are committed to equal pay for equal work, and regularly review our compensation practices to ensure pay equity for our employees.
    • Our CEO, Andrew Wilson, is a member of the UN’s HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10, a group of 10 global CEOs, 10 heads of state and 10 university presidents committed to being change agents to advance gender equality.  
    • Our internal program, [email protected], encourages self-exploration of employees’ unconscious biases and helps them identify ways to be more purposeful in choosing inclusive behaviors and language.
    • We are engaged in diversity & inclusion efforts in our industry and beyond, from participation in events like Grace Hopper, to our support of organizations like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Anita Borg, and Girls Learning Code to build a diverse talent base for the future.
    • We have established global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) dedicated to fostering equality in our workplace, the communities we operate in, and in our games, including a group for women, called Women’s Ultimate Team.

    We believe in making games that are reflective of our diverse world, inclusive of communities that engender connection, self-expression, and inspiration.

    • We build powerful female characters in games like Star Wars Battlefront II, Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield 1, FIFA and NBA Live.
    • We continue to be progressive in our policies supporting inclusivity in our global player community – providing LGBTQ support, supporting same-sex marriage, and standing against forms of discrimination or hate speech.
    • Through Play to Give 2017, we celebrated inclusion in gaming and contributed $1 million to organizations that are building a more inclusive world: United Nations HeForShe, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and Ditch The Label. More than 5.7 million players participated.


    At EA, we believe in the potential of every human being. Diversity and Inclusion are at the core of Electronic Arts, in the culture of our company and the experiences we create. We are at our best when we listen, learn and empower each other. As a global organization, our culture celebrates openness, values constructive dialogue amongst our teams and people, and thrives on curiosity.

    Creating transformational experiences requires constant innovation and brilliant, passionate people. We are developing extraordinary new game experiences by bringing together great people that combine creativity, technology, and expertise to deliver new ways to play.


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I can’t tell you the pride I feel when kids from my daughter’s classroom are excited to hear that I work for EA. The kids always say “It’s so cool!"

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