There are no “walls” at Dell. Since my first day, I have had access to the people that I need to get things done, senior leaders included.

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    Dell is a collective of customer-obsessed, industry-leading visionaries. At our core is a commitment to diversity, sustainability and our communities. We offer unparalleled growth and development opportunities for our team members. We believe that technology is essential for driving human progress, and we’re committed to providing that technology to people and organizations everywhere, so they can transform the way they work and live.


    At Dell we create opportunities for all employees to bring their ideas to the workplace in an environment that cultivates the exchange of broad thinking and inspires innovation. By embedding diversity and inclusion into our business, we help ensure that we serve customers globally in ways that best meet their needs.

    Through Employee Resource Groups, Affinity Circles, cultural awareness trainings we create a workplace that is inclusive of all differences, cultivate external marketplace relationships with diverse communities and organizations, and grow a diverse workforce.

    Flexibility is not limited to a project or initiative but expands to our culture that enables team members to be successful whenever and wherever best fits their work life needs. We continue to increase access to and use of both formal and informal flexible work solutions including: telecommuting, remote, compressed work schedule, and flextime.

    Our goal is for 50% of our workforce to be remote by 2020. We also have an ERG, Conexus, around connected and remote work.


    Our top culture attributes that drive the company's success include:

    Customers: We believe our relationships with customers are the ultimate differentiator and the foundation for our success.

    Winning together: We believe in and value our people. We perform better, are smarter, and have more fun working as a team than as individuals.

    Innovation: We believe our ability to innovate and cultivate breakthrough thinking is an engine for growth, success and progress.

    Results: We believe in being accountable to an exceptional standard of excellence and performance.

    Integrity: We believe integrity must always govern our fierce desire to win.


    • Elder care referral services
    • Family and Medical Leave
    • Health benefits extended to domestic partners of employees, children of domestic partners, children of legal guardians, foster children and adult children with special needs.
    • Health plans include coverage for fertility/infertility
    • Backup child care
    • Elder care referral services
    • Resources for children with special needs
    • Lactation support services
    • Maternity Support Program – 24/7 Nurseline. In addition, medical plans provide access to speak with a trained labor and delivery nurse who can answer your pregnancy-related questions.


    Why work for Dell?

    • We win together through collaboration
    • We provide great benefits and rewards
    • We value a diverse and inclusive workplace
    • Entrepreneurial spirit is recognized and rewarded
    • We are committed to our communities and life balance
    • Career and development opportunities abound

    The value of working for Dell for women:

    • Promotes female entrepreneurship benefitting 1 million women with “Pay It Forward”
    • Sponsors the Dell Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) with 2000+ global members
    • Committed to providing work-life solutions
    • Invested in leadership program supporting 200+ women
    • Created employee affinity group for women serving more than 6000+ employees
    • Implemented the industry-first Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) program

    We are recognized by:

    • Diversity Inc. Top 50
    • Society of Women Engineers
    • FlexJobs Top 100 Remote Work
    • WorldatWork Work-Life Seal of Distinction


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