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    I am the founder and career strategist powering UPPSolutions, LLC, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist with over 10 years in mentoring and coaching successful professional transformations. I partner with professionals to find Career Clarity and establish Career Action plans to ignite transformational Career Growth. I am a motivational speaker with a focus on influential leadership, work/life balance, stress management, effective communication, self-care strategies, success thinking and failing forward. As a former hiring manager, corporate internal consultant for various industries and female entrepreneur - I leverage my project management and continuous improvement expertise to guide many successful professionals to achieve work/life fulfillment. Formal Bio >>> Erin Urban, LSSBB, is a certified professional development coach with a mission to lift others up to defy their limits and exceed their goals. With an extensive background in leading individual, cultural and organizational change initiatives: Erin is also a certified leadership development coach, Forbes Contributor, and founder of UPPSolutions, LLC. For more information, visit uppsolutions.net and connect with Erin on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.