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    Working at CBS Interactive offers the best of both worlds — an advancing, digitally-based environment coupled with the history of a media giant. With over 1 billion users visiting our properties every quarter, we are a global top 10 web property and the largest premium content network specializing in the areas that people love; entertainment, technology, news, business, games and sports.


    To help create the most premium content anywhere online, we are committed to cultivating an environment focused on innovation, inclusion, and collaboration. It is crucial to our mission that you are supported in your career here and that you are empowered to fulfill your potential, so that CBSi can do the same! 

    The breadth of brands and topic areas within our portfolio means we have tremendous diversity—across teams, locations, experience levels, and areas of expertise. By capitalizing on this diversity, we can carry the entertainment and information torch into the digital age and build upon the company’s tradition of making riveting stories accessible beyond print pages or television screens.


    Diversity is important in all aspects of  CBSi and the media industry; from the faces in front of the camera to the engineers who are changing the way we access information via the digital platforms we use.  As an organization, we consistently look for employees who will bring a unique background, thought process and creative perspective to our company. Through this uniqueness, we strive to build teams that reflect the customers we serve and the communities in which we do business.

    We believe our commitment to impacting the media and tech industries should extend beyond our digital solutions. CBSi Cares was created to inspire and engage employees by providing a platform to make a meaningful and impactful difference in our local communities.  Our efforts extend to our community ties in the form of volunteering, donations and sponsorship.  Our goal is for CBSI cares to be used as a platform for employees to engage with our local communities and bond with each other.


    Growth opportunities top the list of perks at CBS Interactive. Outside of regular training sessions, employees can access instructional content through online platforms or in-person courses. However, the diversity of projects at the company also gives people the ability to dabble in areas of interest—which is a welcome prospect across the close-knit team.

    When it comes to the management style and internal lay of the land, everyone is on the same level. Individuality and creative expression trumps hardcore schedules—meaning managers focus on allocating time and building relationships instead of micromanaging individual tasks. Employees characterize the management style with one word—trust. Across all teams and functional areas, individuals are free to tackle their workflows as they see fit, even if that involves a new process or approach. As a result, managers function more as motivational leaders to bounce ideas off of, which tends to result in shared successes for all. Because the top-down leadership is so individualized, employees benefit from professional growth tailored to their skill sets and goals.


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