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At Capital Group, the success of the people who invest with us depends on the people we invest in. That’s why we offer a culture, compensation and opportunities that empower our associates to build successful and prosperous careers. Through nine decades, Capital Group’s goal has been to improve people’s lives through successful investing. We know that our history is a testament to the strength of the people we hire. Private ownership allows us to keep our eyes on the long term while more than 7,800 associates in 30+ offices around the world help our clients and each other grow and thrive every day.
Los Angeles, CA
Investment Management
5001-10,000 employees
Founded 1931

Working at Capital Group, I can.


For nearly 90 years, Capital Group’s goal has been to improve people’s lives through successful investing. We know that our history is a testament to the strength of the people we hire.


We believe in deep, fundamental research. 

We believe in taking a long term view.

We believe in the power of partnerships.

Diversity & Inclusion

We want you to feel comfortable bringing your true self to work. We value your talents, your traditions and your take on the world ̶ everything that makes you unique. We’re working hard to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our organization and our communities because we know that what makes us different makes us better.

  • Our culture is built on shared values that include integrity, collaboration and mutual respect. We want every associate to feel a strong sense of belonging, and know that we value and welcome their experiences, identities and ideas.

  • Our commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion starts with our chairman and senior most leaders, all of whom understand that diverse teams operating in a culture where people feel they belong produce better solutions. This commitment extends to all managers, who set the tone within their teams by welcoming and celebrating associates’ differences and unique perspectives.

  • Over 40 Capital Communities unite our people and help to develop our collective empathy through unfiltered conversations about race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, disabilities, mental health and so much more.

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You want to make a good living now and save for the future too. We can help with that.

Our retirement benefit contributes 15% of your total annual compensation (including bonuses) to your account, without requiring you to make any contribution at all. Yes, you read that right — nothing comes out of your paycheck. Capital Group makes the entire 15% contribution, with a vesting schedule. Because we take your future as seriously as you do.

We know how important it is to invest in our associates financially. After all, they are key to our success. We want to set you up for your own success by paying you well during your career and helping you prepare for a comfortable retirement.

Capital Group wants to improve people’s lives through successful investing. And that includes you. We provide educational resources and tools to inspire and empower our associates. Learn how to successfully manage your money to plan for small tasks and big events, and to be more confident about your finances.

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You define yourself by more than just your job title. That's why we have more than 40 Capital Communities – sometimes called employee resource groups – around the globe. Our associates unite around common interests and identities, becoming allies and advocates who prioritize inclusion and equity for all.

A career is much more than climbing a corporate ladder. At Capital Group, you can reach new heights by building your own best path to success. Opportunities like educational programs and mentorships will help you explore and expand your abilities. So you can grow both personally and professionally.

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"Can I find a company with a work environment that's as flexible as I am? Working at Capital Group, I can. Capital Group lets me adapt my schedule to my life. Almost every role at Capital has the flexibility to work from home. That's great for me, since I've got a lot going on. Manager, mother, days get pretty packed. Thanks to Capital Group, I can adjust my hours to make sure my priorities don't compete. That feels like a good call for my co-workers, my family, and all the players on my team."
Institutional Product Management
"Can I watch my career and my child grow together? Working at Capital Group, I can. Capital Group invests in our financial future. My son, now 16 years old, was born just one month before I joined Capital Group. So I’ve always considered my career to be framed by my dedication to family. The financial education program helps me shoot for my goals, just like I've taught my son to shoot for his — from his first free throw to making the varsity team. Now my whole family can be at the top of their game for every exciting season of our lives."
Investment Operations

Social impact

We incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our investment process in four key ways.

  • We engage with the stakeholders who may affect investment outcomes. We visit company managers, suppliers, regulators, customers and government officials to develop a holistic, long-term perspective.

  • Insights gained during face-to-face meetings are combined with in-house research. Together, they help us understand how ESG concerns may affect an investment.

  • As a firm with a long-term focus, a company’s ESG profile can play a key role in our investment decisions.

  • We continue to engage with companies through ongoing meetings as well as voting on key issues through the proxy process.

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