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    At Cambia, we believe that diverse voices, experiences and perspectives drive innovation and the achievement of our person-focused Cause. We’re not just working. We’re changing lives. Join our Cause to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system. At Cambia, we believe that diverse voices and perspectives drive innovation and the achievement of our Cause.


    • Innovation: Drive new ideas and create positive change.
    • Hope: Act on a deep belief we are a catalyst to transform health care.
    • Collaboration: Embrace diverse voices, experiences and perspectives to achieve more together.
    • Accountability: Deliver on our promises and take responsibility for results.
    • Empathy: Treat people the way we would want to be treated.
    • Trust: Act with integrity and ethical clarity.
    • Courage: Reach beyond and move forward when others shy away.
    • Commitment: As a tax-paying non-profit, serve a Cause larger than ourselves.

Diversity & Inclusion

    Women’s Employee Leadership Lab (WELL)

    The Women’s Employee Leadership Lab Employee Resource Group creates a culture that inspires women to develop their leadership abilities, seize growth opportunities, and increase their knowledge of Cambia for organizational and personal success. Our vision is to cultivate a welcoming and nurturing community that will activate the next generation of female innovators. We create space for professional growth, offering coaching, resources and networking opportunities.


    At Cambia, we are committed to attracting top talent to serve our consumers, bringing together individuals with diverse talents, skills, backgrounds and abilities. We recognize that our team members not only contribute to the success of our organization but also assist in our goal of transforming health care from the inside out. At Cambia, we’re expanding far beyond the old brick-and-mortar health care business model. In its place is a person-focused system with technology and human-centered design at its core. With everything from predictive analytics, to mobile apps, we’re helping people get care when—and where—they need it. To develop and deliver innovative data and technology products, we focus on: data science and machine learning algorithms, cloud-native technology, containerization, serverless infrastructure, defensive programming, microservices, CI/CD, UI/UX for web and mobile. Our focus is on hiring individuals with strong analytical, business, marketing, accounting, finance, health and public health backgrounds.


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