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Companies come to BlackLine because their traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable. We help them make the move to modern accounting by unifying their data and processes, automating repetitive work, and driving accountability through visibility. Leading companies like SiriusXM, The Hershey Company, and Domino’s trust BlackLine to deliver accurate results in a chaotic world.
Woodland Hills, CA
Computer Software
1001-5000 employees
Founded 2001

Think. Create. Serve.


BlackLine was founded in 2001 to deliver accounting and finance solutions that meet the growing and future needs of our customers. Eighteen years later, we're still living out this vision and delivering modern accounting that is unified, automated, and continuous.

Our mission is to create a highly competent, energized organization that drives the growth of the company through high performance and innovative solutions.


We are focused on serving our customers. 

We are focused on serving our employees.


BlackLine believes in providing the best possible service to its clients, and that starts with offering amazing perks to its employees. These perks include 100% coverage for healthcare, vision, and dental, 401(k) matching, ESPP, food, drinks, games, and so much more!


BlackLine’s culture is kind, open, and accepting. It’s a place where people can embrace what makes them unique, and the mix of cultural backgrounds and varying interests cultivates diverse thought and perspectives. The office environment is also informal and energetic. Large, central spaces on each floor drive teamwork and collaboration, and every member of the company at every level comes together to work on projects, solve complex problems, and make smart business decisions.

"I started out supporting BlackLine’s Business Development efforts and then moved into a full sales cycle role within the Mid-Market. After 2.5 successful years in the Mid-Market I earned the opportunity to join Enterprise Sales, which has been my career goal since I started at BlackLine 4 years ago. One of my favorite memories is from the very first day on the job. Therese Tucker (CEO) used to “interview” new hires in front of all company employees before our significant growth made this a full-time job in and of itself. During my conversation with Therese she challenged me to sing a song in front of my colleagues. What happened next was certainly out of key and an interesting choice for someone who can’t sing. I started belting out Whitney Houston’s song, “I Will Always Love You,” which I imagine is difficult enough for even the best voices out there. Therese seemed to enjoy it enough and requested I stay up on stage with her throughout the rest of our new hire introductions."
Markus Evans
Enterprise Sales
"I started at BlackLine as an RFP Analyst to be a part of a growing tech company! I had experience working for companies’ similar post IPO and enjoyed the fast-paced learning environment. My formal experience had been in Project Management. Now I am the Associate Director, Sales Enablement. At BlackLine we really celebrate our customers! From our innovation efforts, customer community and global ITB events. WE make our customers feel valued, listened to and supported through their journey to automation and efficiency. The support technically changes how they work and contribute to the businesses they support."
Otissa Johnson
Sales Enablement
"I started out as a BDR (Business Development Representative) when first joining BlackLine. This year I transition into a new role on the SAP Strategic Alliance team as a Manager supporting North America. My team’s goal is to create pipeline and drive all SAP opportunities. Our largest focus right now is SolEx. BlackLine is very different than a lot of other companies in corporate. Blackline is a Family. The company cares for its employees, customers, and surrounding communities. People genuinely care about each other here. And that care is reflected through the happiness and hard work shown by its employees. I consider myself extremely blessed to work for such an awesome company."
Rhen Bass
Strategic Alliances

Social impact

We know that amazing individuals make amazing teams. We also know that we bond through socializing, shared experiences, and most importantly, giving back. BlackLine sponsors a community event every year where our employees, clients, and partners can come together and serve others. In the past, we’ve prepared food for the homeless at GLIDE in San Francisco. Throughout the year, we relax with happy hours and team events, and we never let a holiday season go by without a celebration.

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