At BARK, we are obsessed with making dogs (and the people who love them) happy.

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    Our mission is to make dogs happy. All of them.

    We believe that dogs are family, that dogs are individuals, and that every dog deserves The Good Life. That's bigger than just making the world's best products and experiences for dogs and their people. It's why we support thousands of rescues, shelters, and dog-obsessed nonprofits with donations and humanpower.


    At BARK, we work hard to be the people our dogs think we are.

    Every day at BARK, we are mindful of our responsibilities to ourselves, each other, and the dogs and dog people in our pack. Deep in our DNA is a sense of this duty, and we can't bear to let our dogs down.

    Practically, this means that BARK dedicates significant resources to supporting historically underrepresented and disadvantaged groups within our employee population, and to addressing individual needs in a serious, compassionate manner. We care about people too (even if we both know your dog is cooler).

    BARK is a place where all dog people belong, and we go to great lengths to uphold that promise.


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