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So im toying with the idea that evolution has taken us, as humans, to a level further than anyone has ever imagined.

Recently ive come to believe that there are some people out there who are just special in certain ways. Not because of god, or because of magic necessarily. I mean people who have gained particular and unusually rare gifts or “abilities”. 

Im here today to tell you how i think this happens, and how it is related to natural selection, and evolution. 

Everyday there are stories of the unknown popping up everywhere. Abductions by aliens, being sent into the future, or having a dream of something that is to come in days ahead. Everywhere you go in the world, you will find people who describe in detail, things of an abnormal circumstance. 

My goal is to make you open your mind to the possibility that these things are not a coincidence. 

First thing ill introduce is the correlation to mental illnesses. For millions of years, evolution has taken its shots at the living creatures in the ecosystem of the Earth. Without hesitation, it forces us to change and adapt due to many different types of environmental conditions. 

Everywhere from giant insects being forced out of their traditional size into something rather small due to an ever changing atmosphere, to monkeys becoming a walking, talking human being. There is no limit that evolution won’t push. 

So what is to say that evolution can’t push the limit past physical morphia to a more mental change?

I propose a theory of evolution and mental sickness. 

What if all these mental illnesses popping up in the world are directly related to the evolutionary change that has been set forth? 

Imagine all those times your intuition saved you. Remember those moments where you caught yourself saying something at the same time as someone else and wondered if theyd read your mind? Now what if I told you though this all has a simple explanation for it, one without silly mind tricks involved, that there are still other possible reasons for it? I think that every moment of deja vu, or visit to a “medium” is more than just a simple hiccup in your mental state. 

What if these growing skills, and abilities to reach into something deeper and more spiritual, are coming from our growing stress levels? 

Think about it, if something as simple as moving is stressful enough to make a man sad enough to kill himself, or for a woman to have a miscarriage, why shouldnt the rapidly changing technicalogical advances that have reshaped our world these last 30 years would affect the entire population of earth as a whole. 

With these new stress levels, horomonal and other chemical balances of the brain are thrown off completely. And as we keep going, and becoming dependent on these technologies, our brains will adapt to eventually become strong enough to handle the stress and no longer feel these things. And i think the way for our brains to do that is to do a sort of excersize, strain, or “workout” the parts of the brain that arent easily accessed. But under new evolutionary changes, might allow us to surpass those boundaries and become a new age of humans who are unphased by any mental illnesses or any stress in any way. And i think the (growing) deaths of all of the mentally incapasitated people are evolutions very famous cousin, natural selection. The natural order of things taking over and creating a super race of humans who cannot die from the newest growing issues. 

I know its hard to really understand, however the more you think about it the more you realize its true. And this is not the only form of evolution thats going on right now either, there is plenty of it to go around. Pretty soon, with our current diets, we wont be able to eat anything without becoming sick. 

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