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Anthony Mendez
2mo Miami Conversation

How to Start and Build an Effective Social Media Platform for a Fitness Influencer and Fitness Coach

Social Media is a huge tool that has helped transform many lives by creating opportunities for regular people to drastically change people’s daily routines and lifestyles.

It has helped people become more connected than ever before, the new “word of mouth.” In fact, I believe it has become so fundamental that businesses will begin to feel the losses if they do not adapt and expand onto social media.

As a fitness influencer, it is important to identify who you are, what you do and the role you play in other people’s lives.

What will set you apart and draw people toward you? 

Identify Who You Are and What You Do

I identify myself to be a very unconventional and unorthodox trainer. Make yourself unique and build yourself off of that.

Set yourself apart.

Solidify Your Image and Your Character.

Who you are and being aware of what you want to be will solidify and set you apart and bring people towards you.

Embrace your lifestyle and your look.

Execute and Take Action

Connect with your audience and help others.

By responding to your supporters, you will create a good reputation and draw more traffic to your image and business.

This drives demand. You can learn how to redirect this traffic and generate revenue for your business.

Most of the time most people want this to become a service sale or product sale, so embrace that idea that you are already expecting and learn to monetize that.

Be Lively! Go on Instagram live, have them experience your day to day life on a very consistent basis.

Collaborate With Other Influencers

Once you have created your niche, learn to expand your network by collaborating with other influencers. 

Create content together with other people, that way people feel a sense of community which everybody responds well to.

Don’t be scared of competition, there’s enough for everybody to eat so don’t let that deter you from collaborating with other fitness figures even if you feel they’re bigger than you.

People will still want you because of who you are and the niche you have created.

Help each other and it’ll always be a win-win situation for everybody.


By creating an identity with the people, people will learn what it is you stand for and respond to your authenticity.

Set yourself apart and connecting with your audience is the best way to get people to come back and seek you.

Use this to create a community with those around you and connect with other fitness coaches and influencers.

The surest way to reach out to your audience is to take action and commit to the work and the connection to your audience. If you never act, people will never respond to you.

Once you get their attention, the business will naturally follow because people will be ready to seek either a service or product from you.

By: Anthony Mendez

Instagram: @MendezFitness

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Anthony Mendez

Mendez is a fitness professional with 9+ years of experience, an athlete for Puma & Onnit. Mendez specializes in loaded & unloaded movement training. This unique style consists of: unconventional tools, bodyweight, flows, & correctives. He’s all about nourishing the MIND, BODY, & SOUL. Mendez [...]

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