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Hector247 Blogging is my Passion
9mo Boston, MA, United States Question

So you just bought your favorite water pipe? You have been using it for a week and you have a feeling the pipe is dirty? It’s time to clean your water pipe. For new users knowing exactly when to clean their water pipes is usually very tricky. Before we show you how to clean your pipe, we will explain to you how to determine if your smoking device needs a quick “bath.”

So how do you know if the pipe is really dirty? First you must know how your smoke tastes when it’s fresh. Dirty smoke will taste harsh on the tongue because of impurities. So if your smoke tastes of tar and resin, your pipe is most likely very dirty. 

Again you can watch out for yellowish smoke. If you notice any form of de-coloration in your smoke especially if it suddenly changes from white to yellow or brown color it’s a hint you need to clean. Usually smoke will change its color in case its tales up. 

Tar and resin can also form thick coating as they deposit along the pipes inner surface. This will bar you from having a smooth hit. If you find your hit is somewhat “rocky” you should beware of dirt that has accumulated in your smoking pipe after multiple uses. 

Don’t wait for the resins to build up. It is easier to clean a slightly used pipe as opposed to one that has been used numerous times without cleaning. These deposits in hi bit the flow of air through the pipes leaving them quite unattractive and very unhygienic.  

There are two known ways through which any dirty or glass pipe can be cleaned according to the experts from the Cloud Culture Store. The yare boiling or washing with alcohol. Here is how they both work. 


Choose a large pot. Make sure your water pipe can easily submerge in the pot incase it’s filled up to capacity. Pour in water to be sure and do so until the pipe is completely covered in water. 

In case you notice any air bubble in the pipe, tilt your pipe. Do so in a back and forth motion until the air bubbles are gone. You can tilt at an angle this will remove trapped bubbles easily. 

Once submerged, cover the pot. Set your heat on medium. Start the heating process gradually. You can always adjust the heat. Avoid dropping your cold pipe in boiling water it will break. 

After boiling, give the water and the pipe sometime to cool down, 15 minutes is enough time. Uniform cooling is essential as it prevents sudden cooling (thermal shock) and gives time to wash off resins. 

Remove the pipe pour out the water, refill the pot with warm water and us mild detergent and a brush to clean the pipe. Use a glass cleaner. Remember to use a pot that is rarely cooked in. 


Soak the pipe in alcohol. Cloud Culture Store expert’s advice on using alcohol with 91% plus alcoholic content. Mix in/ add some salt – a ratio of 2 to 1 (alcohol: salt) is a cool mixture. 

Leave the alcohol to dissolve the resin. The salt will create suitable abrasion that will ease up the tough stains and cause it to dissolve. Put the mixture in large plastic bag and drop in the pipe and shake. 

Once cleaned up, rinse your pipe with clean water and store to dry. This is arguably the simplest method of cleaning any form of water pipes. It is good for stubborn stains in case you need it. 


Glass pipes when dropped in boiling water can easily shatter – sudden change in temperature might be too much even for the annealed glass. This is called thermal shock. Keep your glass pipe clean with these easy tips. 

In case you own a glass pipe, you should take good care of it. One way to do so is through cleaning your glass pipe regularly. Use only these two suitable options(boiling and alcohol) cleaning.


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Blogging is my Passion

Hi, I'm Hector Smith. A professional blogger since 2013. Blogging is my profession and also passion. I'm also a technology expert!

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