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msantos All I need is pen and paper

I finally joined the club and decided to start using a Diva cup when I’m menstruating. No more pads for me (was never a tampon user)!  I now can spend that extra money on chocolate, ice cream, chips, you know, the stuff you really need when you’re on your period?! I was skeptical with having to take out the cup and dump it when I was not at home, but luckily I can have it in for 12 hours and not worry about it! It is a little messy at first but it’s fast and easy to get used to. Once it’s inserted, it’s actually comfortable and you forget that you have a cup inside of you. There has been a couple times where I had freaked out and thought that I had forgot to put a pad on. It’s literally a cup that collects your blood and stays in place until you dump it out, wash and reinsert. The biggest test was when my cousin had a pool party, and of course I wanted to partake in the activities. I was so scared that I was going to turn the pool red! Just imagine how scared all the little kids would’ve been!?! No leakage! Whew!! I like to use it more on my heavier days versus lighter days. I am (unfortunately) one of those women who bleed for a whole week!! GASP!! So I still use a panty liner the last 3 days when I’m very light! I just feel that I’m just too dry to be shoving the cup up there. Diva cup has saved me a lot of money, can you imagine never having to buy pads or tampons again?! I’m pretty sure your significant other would be the happiest person ever if they never had to go out and buy pads or tampons ever again. For those who are environmentally conscious, just think of all the pads and tampons that you don’t have to throw away into the world anymore! I decided to write about this for all the women who ever saw or came across the Diva cup and was skeptical about the product. This has been my personal experience. Of course the only way to know if it will work for you is to try it out!!

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All I need is pen and paper

I feel as though I was born to write, to be able to express myself. I started to write when I was in 7th grade. Never liked the term diary so I always called it my journal. I would write about my day from beginning to end. I would go as far as to write every single text message I received that day [...]

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