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On Wednesday at 8pm UK time I'm discussing Honour Based Abuse and looking at cultural rituals which are also abusive . I will be raising awareness of harmful practices facing young people .

One of the reasons for the topic is , I will be speaking at Kings College London

Honour based violence. 'Honour' based violence (HBV) is a form of domestic abuse which is perpetrated in the name of so called 'honour'. The honour code which it refers to is set at the discretion of male relatives and women who do not abide by the 'rules' are then punished for bringing shame on the family.

I have spent over 27 years raising awareness of cultural & ritual abuse also on #EmpowermentHour I'm discussing FGM 

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. The practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common.

I regularly discuss these topics in the media , however it was important that I engage with people on social media 

Clear Definitions of Harmful Practices
Drafters should ensure that the prohibited harmful practices as well as the categories of people who may be liable or responsible under the law are clearly defined in the law.

Legislation should provide for broad liability against those who condone, endorse, participate in or perform a harmful practice including family members, traditional and religious leaders, doctors and other person perpetrating the harmful practice.

Aiding and Abetting

Legislation should provide that accomplices who aid and abet the perpetration of harmful practices shall be punished in the same manner as the practitioner of the harmful practice. Legislation should define “accomplice” to include:

those who bring a girl or woman to the individual who performs the harmful practice;
those who request the practice to be performed or assist, advise, or procure support for anybody to carry out the practice;
religious, customary and tribal leaders who promote or endorse harmful practices against a woman or girl; and
parents or other family members who perpetrate or aid and abet the perpetration of a harmful practice.

I have regularly given quotes and try and raise awareness of practice like breast ironing

I will be asking what's your understanding of honour based violence ? 

What's your understanding of cultural or ritual abuse 

look at how can we educate & raise awareness within community 

l will be looking at the ideology behind cultural practices which become abusive 

While the need for provision for specialist services for black and minority ethnic women is supported, prevention and challenging cultural attitudes which underpin harmful practices is a priority in the government’s Ending Violence against Women and Girls Strategy 2016-2020. However, although recently the government has supported a few prevention projects by BME women, it has done little in focusing national campaigns on cultural change within these communities in partnership with the women’s organisations. Instead, it continues to emphasise work with male leaders, for example, by issuing a faith leaders declaration against female genital mutilation.

As we remember the horrific Honour Killing Of  19-year-old Banaz Mahmod, whose strangled body was found months later in the garden of a house in Birmingham. Over a decade later what has really changed ? I will be asking questions because we need to educate & empower young people globally .

There is nothing honourable about murder or abuse in the name of honour 

By joining us on #EmpowermentHour you will get a better understanding of HBV have A understanding of the Society we live in today.

Look at how through  education we can  Empower women’s Delivering support services to schools and understanding for young people who are forced into making decisions against their own will, feel isolated within their own homes and feel trapped.

I have also been involved in supporting The Sharon Project with there Our Girl Campaign 

The SHARAN Project, is a leading UK charity supporting , vulnerable women who have been or are at risk of being disowned by their families or communities due to persecution or abuse to include: forced marriage, honour based abuse, domestic violence and cultural conflict. 

Our Girl is a short animated film highlighting the devastating impact that forced marriage causes. The film aims to get communities talking and acting towards ending forced marriage in the UK. 

looking forward to your contribution on Wednesday please follow me @Mandy_Sanghera1 and please use #EmpowermentHour 

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Mandy Sanghera is an international human rights activist and motivational speaker #Tedx Mandy Sanghera Is an international human rights activists who has spent the last 26 years supporting victims and survivors of Honour Based Violence and cultural Abuse FGM , Forced Marriage , Faith Based [...]

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