Arrow Electronics

With a global network of suppliers, engineers and manufacturers, Arrow is the shortest distance between what’s possible and what’s practical. We’re helping customers shape the tangible future and build the technology to get us there. From smart cities to satellites, we play a central role in progress that improves the quality of life and makes the benefits of technology more accessible.
Centennial, Colorado
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
10,000+ employees
Founded 1935


Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for over 175,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. We develop technology solutions that improve business and daily life. Our broad portfolio that spans the entire technology landscape helps customers create, make and manage forward-thinking products that make the benefits of technology accessible to as many people as possible.

Our strategic direction of guiding innovation forward is expressed as Five Years Out, a way of thinking about the tangible future to bridge the gap between what's possible and the practical technologies to make it happen. Learn more at:


Together, we think bigger. We listen and learn. We explore and solve.

We’re a team of many backgrounds and places, working toward one common goal: To help customers build the tangible future, where innovation improves quality of life and the benefits of technology are more accessible to all.

Join us.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At Arrow, we honor unique differences across the broad range of cultural identity and background, ability, age, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, language, national origin, race, religion and sexual orientation, among others. 

We aim to make development opportunities accessible and provide challenging assignments that prepare employees for greater responsibility. Arrow’s Global Career Framework enables employees to explore and manage career growth opportunities; and we provide management, leadership and personal development programs at key career milestones.


Financial rewards and great benefits are important parts of any job.  Arrow’s Compensation programs are designed to align with industry best practice and follow core principles which: Endorse a pay for performance philosophy; Utilize variable incentives where consistent with market practice; Maintain competitive pay by aligning our pay structure midpoints to median market pay.

Our comprehensive benefits package is also an important part total compensation. Our benefits strategy is to align with local market practice and ensure a competitive benefits package. We offer a variety of plans and coverage to safeguard your wellbeing, and we also provide resources to help you make cost-effective decisions, so you can stay physically and financially healthy.


Arrow’s vision of guiding innovation forward was inspired by its global employees. Their diverse backgrounds have melded into rich perspectives that sharpen the company, frame how Arrow’s global network of engineers, suppliers and manufacturers work together, and enhance value for customers.

Social impact

Arrow Electronics’ Corporate Social Responsibility program guides today’s innovators to a better tomorrow. With our help, our partners transform ideas into real and influential achievements that help people & communities around the world. 

Arrow works with business partners and nonprofits  on humanitarian projects and innovative programs. We seek and select projects that leverage the company’s technical expertise and global scope, in addition to making a limited number of financial contributions to organizations that share our values and vision.

We also invite our employees to share their unique skills and perspectives. Arrow supports employees' passion for giving back and offers employee giving programs so that all people working with Arrow can contribute in their own ways to making the world a better place.

Working together, we can make the world a better place — now and Five Years Out.

Learn More at: Arrow Corporate Social Responsibility

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