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Arm Inc

Haven’t heard of Arm before? If you have a smartphone, digital camera, digital TV, gaming console or a smart meter at home, you’ve already used an Arm powered product. See, you do know us. Our technology is literally transforming the way people live their lives. From the unmissable to the invisible, our advanced processor designs have enabled 180 billion Arm technology-based chips to date (that’s 125 products shipped every second!)

Founded by a dozen engineers working from a converted barn in Cambridge 30 years ago, we have grown to over 7000 employees in offices across the globe and aim to power a trillion IoT devices by 2035. Whether you’re a Hardware Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst or searching for a job in our Marketing or People team, you’ll fit right in at Arm. We love our jobs because they empower us to make our mark on 70% of technology used by the world’s population. We are Arm. You know us. Now see why you should join us.

HQ: Cambridge, UK;
5001-10,000 employees
Founded 1990

Sparking the worlds potential


Our Purpose - Bringing brilliant people together to unlock the power of technology and spark the worlds potential

Our Vision - Technology that invisibly enables opportunity for a globally connected population

Our Mission - To deploy, secure, energy efficient Arm based technology wherever computing happens

Our sustainability mission - To use our partners business model to ensure Arm technology helps to realize the Global goals


We have a culture of imagination, ingenuity and fun. So how do we keep adding to our reputation as one of the world’s most amazing tech companies to work for? With a three-pillar philosophy that guarantees all of our growth.

We trust our colleagues, actively support personal growth, and encourage continuous improvement in everything we do. Our Core Beliefs explain how:  - ‘We, not I’ means collaboration first, egos last.  - ‘Passion for progress’ refers to innovation that enables our ecosystems, Arm and our people to thrive.  - ‘Be your brilliant self’ is exemplified by skilful individuality, performance and fulfilment. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We are all unique. And we couldn’t be any more proud. People from all walks of life, from all over the globe, have made a home at Arm. We’re interested in getting to know you – the real you! That’s why we ask you to be your brilliant self here, because it truly benefits each and every one of us. Both creatively and on a human level. You’ll never not get recognition for your work by being who you are. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.



Rewarding our employees is more than salaries, cash awards and bonus plans. It’s just as important to make sure that collaboration, innovation and support for our people as individuals is demonstrated in everything we do. We’ll provide you with benefits that will help with your health, wellness, and development. And although our packages will differ slightly depending on the job and location you’re thinking of applying to, we will make sure that you’re looked after.

Learning and Development

We encourage our people to upskill as much as they want with a comprehensive learning and development package which includes technical development, mentoring, internal and external conferences, tech talks, and donut sessions. Whether you want to learn a new programming language, upskill your excel skills or read the latest articles on Microprocessor reporting we are with you to Spark the worlds potential.


We encourage our people to take plenty of annual leave, so they remain inspired and refreshed. But you know what really does it? When we encourage them to take an extended paid 4 weeks’ sabbatical after 4 years of service.

Progressive Leave

We treat our people as individuals rather than a resource. Because it’s important to us to be there for you during the significant moments in your life, we offer flexible progressive leave. Whether you’re growing a family, acting as a primary care giver or going through family loss, you’ll be able to put your family first when it matters the most, without career consequences.


We create a safe space for you to look after your mental and physical health, with support ranging from medical insurance to the workplace mental health platform Unmind. Alongside a growing number of onsite gyms, yoga, cycling and running clubs. This is all underpinned by a flexible working policy to ensure you can be your brilliant self at work.

Social impact

Our Sustainability Vision

Technology has the power to help build a better future for everyone. By connecting everyone, everywhere, Arm and its extensive ecosystem can help close the digital divide, bridging the gap between those who have access to digital technologies and the 3.7 billion who currently do not.

But connectivity cannot come at the expense of our planet. To minimize the environmental impact of our technology, we aspire to decarbonize compute, leveraging our expertise in low-power compute to do more work per watt, providing a unique opportunity to drive up connectivity while driving down carbon emissions.

This approach is enabled by our people – global problem solvers – and underpinned by trust, through our commitment to responsible technology.

Tackling Our Emissions

In September 2020, we committed to taking a science-based approach to cut absolute emissions from our business operations by at least 42% to achieve net zero carbon by 2030 – 20 years ahead of the 2050 target outlined in the United Nations' Paris Climate Agreement. For unabated emissions, we will invest in accredited carbon sequestration projects while exploring ways to further reduce our emissions, even as we grow.

renewable energy

We will source 100% renewable energy.

reduce energy

We will achieve 20% absolute reduction in energy use.

reducing travel

We will achieve 7% absolute reduction in emissions from travel for work.

supply chain

We will engage with our supply chain to set sustainable procurement targets.


We will support and drive innovation in nature- and tech-based carbon sequestration solutions.

people staff

We will empower our people to make low-carbon choices.

Opportunities at Arm Inc