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Aircall is the cloud-based call center and phone system of choice for modern businesses. A voice platform that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and helpdesk tools. Aircall was built to make phone systems easy to manage – accessible, transparent, and collaborative. Aircall believes that a great conversation is the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, candidates, and colleagues. It is designed to enable delightful moments of human connection. Aircall was founded in 2014 and has raised over $226 million in funding. Based in New York, Paris, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin & London the company currently has over 750+ employees.

New York, NY
501-1000 employees
Founded 2014

We believe in the power of conversation.


Aircall is on a mission. We are empowering professionals to have richer and more empathetic conversations by providing an entirely cloud-based voice solution. Aircall is an intuitive solution that seamlessly integrates with the productivity and helpdesk tools workplaces are already using.


  • Customer obsession

    We evaluate every decision through the eyes of our
    customers. They’re our “True North.”

  • Dare to be bold

    We’re risk takers.
    Trying, succeeding, failing — and trying again — are essential to who we are as a team and company. Large actions lead to big success.

  • Thrive together

    We learn from each other
    and grow from it.
    Our common journey is how
    we grow together and innovate.

  • Trust & Commit

    We trust each other and commit to our mutual success.
    We earn trust from our commitment.

  • Excellence

    We’re aiming high, and we know it. Even the smallest details are important to us.
    We only want the best for each other and our customers.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Aircall, we believe diversity, equity and inclusion, irrespective of origins, identity, background and orientations, are core to our Aircall journey. 

We promote active inclusion to foster a strong sense of belonging which is one of our main strengths as a business. We strive to assemble diverse people that can enrich and learn from each other. We pledge to make sure everyone not only has a seat at the table but is valued at the table -- providing equal opportunities to develop and thrive.

We will constantly challenge ourselves to make sure that we live up to our ambitions around diversity, equity and inclusion, and keep this conversation open because we realize that we have work to do and much to learn.

Aircall's greatest diversity actions (so far) 🤝:

  • 2021 Pilot roll-out of Global Mentorship Program spearheaded by our Gender Equality Matters (GEM) ERG with expanded roll-out in 2022
  • Key gender representation targets by year 2023 for Tech and Non-Tech globally for Managers and Non-Managers
  • 2022 Dedicated key roles for Female Leaders and Non-Managers
  • 2022 Refreshed job descriptions across all regions to be more gender inclusive 

Diversity and inclusion ambitions/goals for the next year: Focusing on our four levers

  • Increased representation across Gender, Ethnicity, and Age groups
  • Active inclusion and education through our ERGs and company-wide programming
  • Equitable practices through policies, career pathing, salary planning, and more
  • Accountability through measured progress, feedback, and consistent improvement

Quote 🎤

“Organizations are realizing they can no longer remain complacent in a world filled with so much inequality. Expectations are higher than a one-off Unconscious Bias Training and it’s time for companies to look internally at their systems and processes to ensure equitable practices for all groups. Aircall has always had the courage & empathy to commit to change and that for me is already a step towards success.” 

- Helen Cheuck, VP Global DEI Leader

Despite having offices across multiple locations, we love that we find alignment by rooting ourselves in the four action levers of our DEI strategy: representation, equity, inclusion, and accountability, to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging. With a new Global Mentorship Program in place, several employee-founded ERG’s, and equitable practices to ensure a fair career path and equal opportunities for all, Aircall is making its mark as an inclusive and safe workplace within the Software industry.


  • Food Allowance

  • Snacks & Drinks

  • Medical Insurance

  • Competitive Salary

  • Flexible remote policy

  • Retirement Savings Plan

  • Outings & Events

  • Fitness Fund

  • Commuter Benefits

  • Referral Bonus


Our culture is rooted in our mission:

We learn, try, and improve each day. We approach new initiatives with excitement, and we’re committed to success — for us as individuals, for our teams, and most importantly, for our customers, who motivate us in everything we do. Aircallees are from France, the US, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, and 32 other countries worldwide.

"I’m part of the Customer Support team based in Austin, Texas. I’m responsible for providing a great customer experience to all our customers via phone, chat, and tickets. I believe I am in a highly challenging, rewarding role that will set me up for success in the future. I bring some distinct diversity to my team being half Mexican and half Vietnamese which allows me to showcase my skills and provide different perspectives to my role and team. Having played competitive soccer, I am highly competitive and have a teamwork mindset that brings me the skills I have to reflect on my team and provide an awesome experience around Aircall."
Minh Vu
Customer Support
"I lead HR for North America as well as DEI globally and am in a role that allows me to directly challenge & impact our internal systems & policies to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. As a Chinese-American woman, I sit at the intersection of being gender and ethnically diverse, which allows me a unique perspective in my empathy, understanding contributes to my drive towards creating a more DEI-centric workplace. "
Helen Cheuck
VP HR & Global DEI Lead
"One of my many favorite parts of this week was having my team back in office. It was great to welcome one of our newest SDRs, to Aircall, face to face! With our team, we love interacting in person because you really feel the energy, the vibe and the camaraderie. It was amazing to see how open the team was and it’s just a positive feeling to know that you work alongside some really awesome people. Another tidbit from this week, is that the water cooler in the kitchen was malfunctioning and I worked a little Christell magic to help out the office manager & boom, fixed it. I love feeling appreciated and seen, even for the little things."
Account Executive

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