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Wine Packing Boxes – Are They A Good Option?

Whether you are on vacation or at vineyard and want to send bottles of wine home, it is important to consider a good wine packaging that will best suit your needs. There are many types of wine packing boxes available based on the construction used and the number of bottles that will fit at a time.

For thousands of years, some truly remarkable wines have regularly been shipped and exported in wine crates or in wine storage boxes. A wine packaging box is the best storage option you can get to do this job. As wine gets shipped from one country to another, it will usually occur as a bulk shipment. The crates that store wine must have the vineyards logo on it from where the wine originally came from. If it is not the vineyards logo, it must be the manufacturer’s logo.

When you receive the wine, you will now be able to get excited about opening the box or crate of the wine that you ordered. If you are the receiver, perhaps you have ordered it for someone else to open up. This will give you the thrill of watching the reaction of the person you gave it to as a gift when they open the wine packaging box in front of you.

Image Source: Pixbay

Understanding Wine Packaging Boxes

Wine boxes can be made out of all sorts of material. Often these types of boxes are created out of: polystyrene, wood and cardboard. The wine storage boxes are made unique for the main purpose of packaging wine, to make sure the wine does is never exposed to any risks. A cardboard storage box is much more affordable than wooden boxes, but they are not stable as the wooden boxes. The cardboard is layered around the wine twice to protect the wine from being damaged in any way. The polystyrene boxes do not look very nice at all. However, they also provide the protection you will need.

Choosing the Right Wine Packaging

The wine boxes come sorts of shapes and sizes. The size and shape of the box will come down to the number of wine bottles you want to order. Be aware that the many boxes will only hold one wine bottle in it. However, you can get a box that will accommodate around three bottles as well.

Image Source: Pixbay

The boxes also come in different styles and colors. This of course, will be dependent on what particular type of wine box you are after. Boxes can come in the original cardboard brown color, or they can come in a pattern. You can also ask for the boxes to have bows and ribbons around them to give them some decoration. Unfortunately, the polystyrene boxes only have one white color option. So it is hard to get some sort of coloring on it. But wooden boxes are a completely different story because they can be crafted very beautifully. They available variety of different types of wood. You can also choose to have them painted in any color you like. Varnish is a great option if you wish to give your wine packaging box a natural appearance.

Where do you get wine packaging boxes?

Wine boxes can be purchased from wine merchants. You can also get them with an off license. However, know that many of them will be filled with bottles of wine. If you wish to purchase some wine boxes without wine in them, then try doing a search on the internet. The internet will give you many options to choose from. They also come in different sizes and most will have reviews from customers who have purchased them in the past. It does not take you long at all to get the best boxes on the internet. It is also much more affordable than in store.

Wine Packaging Boxes - The Benefits

There are many benefits of using wine packaging boxes. Wine packaging boxes will keep your wine fresh for a longer period even after opening it. In fact, it will keep your wine fresh anywhere from six to eight weeks. The plastic bag on the box is designed to protect the wine from air and oxidation.

In the present world where more than 50% of the cost you pay for your wine is for packaging  or  shipping heavy glasses, it is no doubt that the wine packaging box offers some relief. The wine remains fresh for a long time, the cork taint threat is removed and you have no signs that the modern packaging detracts the delicate aromatic of flavor components. So why not adopt this packaging method for the best wine experience?

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