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Why Travel to Nepal.

Undergo a wonderful journey in one of the most exotic places on Earth.  

The relatively small country of Nepal holds within its parameters a wide variance of cultural and natural diversity. Nepal is an ideal country for travel because of its offerings of absolutely beautiful land terrains, idiosyncratic traditions and cultures of the people along with their hospitability and the sight of the Himalayan tapestry the country possesses. Because of these various aspects, travelling to Nepal provides a glorious holiday. There are various features of Nepal that draw thousands of tourists and visitors every year. We will be discussing some of these aspects in this article.

The first aspect that gives life to reasons for visiting Nepal are the landscapes. There is no denying the beguile of the country in terms of the terrain. The various regions all have a distinct countenance that is unique to their sectors. Trekking in the mountains of the country provide a thrilling feeling and a euphoric sense of adventure in people. The landscapes are adorned with verdant forests and woodlands. The emerald of the terrain is ornamented beautifully by the flow of ebullient rivers. The high passes on elevations are also ravishingly decorated naturally by icefalls, glaciers and Himalayan lakes and water-bodies. The uneven land structures give a picturesque quintessence with their encompassment of jaded acreages, florescent meadows and green open pasturelands. Embedded with settlements of the people and dainty villages, the landscapes are a heaven-like semblance, accompanied prepossessingly by tall mountain peaks enveloped in ivory snow. Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, lies in the Khumbu region of Nepal, and trekking journeys to the base camp of the mountain is undertaken by many people each year. Not only that, the Annapurna region also has magnificent mountain ranges and beautiful land topography. Known as the “Valley of Glaciers”, the Langtang Valley in the Langtang region is one of the most winsome places on Earth. The far-off region of Mustang on the other hand, is decorated with amethyst terra firma which is generally dry and barren. The desert-like territory of Mustang is quite different from the chartreuse grounds of other regions. The Manaslu region presents an amiable natural façade, beautiful and alluring in its presentation of its ethereal natural Mesmer.

We cannot ignore the hospitability of the people of Nepal either. It plays a huge role in the reason why travelling to Nepal is enlightening on various aspects. Nepal is home to people who follow different casts, cultures, traditions and rituals. They all have their own customs and way of life. Because of the geographical difference, the people’s lives are also dictated in that accordance. Travelling to Nepal provides a close encounter with the people and as a result, the unique traditions of the people and their cultures are highlighted. There are various monasteries, chortens, gumbas, temples and places of worship all throughout Nepal. While trekking on trails on different regions, these places of worship emerge into the paths. Many of the temples and monasteries in Nepal are also enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The holy temple of Pashupatinath, the Bouddhanath Stupa, the Swayambhunath temple and the Changunarayan temple among many others are enlisted; and these places of worship, dedicated to various Gods belonging to different religions are a prime factor on providing Nepal’s religious heterogeneity.

The History of the country also plays its part in the fascination of travelling to Nepal. The country’s rich history is reflected ravishingly on various Durbar Squares. The Kathmandu Durbar Square, the Hanumandhoka Durbar Square, the Patan Durbar Square and the Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the four main Durbar Squares of the country. The intricate carvings done of the woodworks on the temples and palaces on the Durbar Squares prove the impressive dexterity of the Nepali people. The old opulent palaces and temples are built in the unique pagoda and shikhara style of Nepali architecture. These courtyards, palaces and temples reflect the glory of Nepal’s monarchial days in optimal incandescent. Almost all of the temples and places of worship hold a captivating history and story. The sculptures and inscriptions on various temples and carvings on stones and metals are enticing to look at. Nepal is also a famous destination in terms of religious pilgrimages. Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha- the Light of Asia, is a wonderful destination that demands traveling to, where the Mayadevi temple stands along with the sacred Ashoka Pillar. Almost all of the significant sites and destinations here have an interesting and fascinating lore and story to their existence and their importance.  

The flora and fauna of the country are another aspect that makes travelling to Nepal a wonderful experience. Nepal has ten national parks, six conservation areas and three wildlife reserves. The Sagarmatha National Park and the Chitwan National Park are enlisted on World Natural Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and protect a variety of endangered plants and animals within their perimeters. Endangered animals like the noted Bengal fox, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Clouded Leopards, Corsac Foxes, Indian Rhinoceroses, Red Pandas, Snow Leopards and Tibetan Wolves are not found anywhere else in the world but Nepal. Out of many varieties of flowers, many species of orchids and varieties of rhododendrons only ever bloom here. The avifauna of Nepal is impressive as well, with over nine hundred species of birds having their habitat at various forests, woodlands and grasslands of the country.

Travelling to Nepal is an amazing experience where the blend of natural quiddities is done magnificently with the cultures and traditions of the people. With rich history that is reflected on the arts and crafts of everyday life of the people, Nepal is a country that still has its grasp firmly held on its past glories while still undergoing rapid changes in modernization. Travelling to Nepal is the experience of undergoing the best commodities that the country is rich in. Daring climbs to tall snow-covered mountains, exploration of secluded villages and settlements, traverses on beautiful land terrains and visits to monasteries and temples- travelling to Nepal truly embraces the quote of “Once is not enough”.            

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