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5mo Toronto, ON, Canada Story
Why Cape Town Belongs on Everyone’s Bucket List

In the first place, Cape Town holds top position on millions of buckets lists worldwide, but in and around Cape Town there are a whole lot more experiences that need to be added in a very busy bucket list of bullet points on what to do when in Cape Town!

Explore Sideways has turned Cape Town upside down, inside out and every which way to put together an exceptional choice of half day and full day curated tours in and around Cape Town to take you right off the beaten track, without missing any of the iconic landmarks, experiences or hot spots along the way.  A fine balance has been struck by this team with their Bucket List Tours, with a little of a lot of something for everyone to do in Cape Town.

Turning Cape Town into a cohesive art form created to plunge any visitor to the most beautiful city in the world into a frenzy of decisions, with a list of unique full day and half day tours of Cape Town that will keep any avid wine lover, foodie, shopper, adventurer or lover of arts and culture busy enough to want to extend their stay. 

The Explore Sideways Bucket List Tours of Cape Town make up just part of over 24 curated tours put together by this team, but it’s worth just touching on the Bucket List Tours of Cape Town here to get a whiff of what’s in store for you to experience and tick off your inner bucket list.

The Curated Cape Town City Tour will start you off with a ride on the cableway to the top of iconic Table Mountain, take you on a stroll through colourful Bo-Kaap, a visit to the members-only Cape Town Social Club emanating a spirit of history that goes back to its founder Cecil John Rhodes and then lead you to an afternoon spent strolling through Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world.

If the Cape Peninsula fascinates you then the Peninsula Tour and Wine Tasting will be right up your alley where you will meet the penguins at Boulders Beach, dine in the village of Simons town and visit the Cape of Good hope, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet in all their glory before heading down to historic Constantia to taste fine wine.

Even for a seasoned local, Explore Sideways will show you sides of Cape Town that will introduce you to exactly what is meant by thinking out of the box!  There are as many hidden gems in and around Cape Town as there were when the first diamonds were found in the then Transvaal, and Explore Sideways has made it their mission to take you right off the beaten track to introduce you to some of these exclusive gems.

For every wine connoisseur, the world-renowned wines produced in the lush vineyards of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek will be heaven on earth as some of the best wine tours in Cape Town, and this full-day private Best of Cape Winelands Tour will immerse you in the regional food and wine pairing with the best South African biltong, local cheese and decadent chocolate.

The Explore Sideways Great Whites and Great Wines day tour will take you shark cage diving after which you may need more than just a wine ‘tasting’ with your lazy farm style lunch in the Bot River wine region.

Rounding off these full day tours is the Insider Shopping Safari Tour and Township Tour & Street Art Tour, the first of which will take you to all the South African designers and artists in Cape Town with your local shopping guide, and the second will give you a completely authentic view of Cape Town on a street art walking tour and a visit to the Khayelitsha township!

With Every tour mentioned here that has been meticulously planned for your private enjoyment consists of so many little details that it would be impossible to list here, but visiting the Explore Sideways website will unfold the details of each Bucket List Tour put together by the creative, informed and imaginative team at Explore Sideways to take you as far off the beaten track as possible!

 You can finally say that you have truly ticked cape Town off your bucket list and the next time you think of ticking off another item off your bucket list, you might just think twice as there would be so much more to see on you second visit to Cape Town.

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