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Why and How To Plan A Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs have become a necessity for every small and big organization. Not because the law has made it mandatory but the practical reasons influencing the implementation of this programs are the listed and hidden benefits of the program for employers and the employees together.

However, before we talk about how corporate wellness programs, let’s do a small discussion on how can a wellness program be beneficial for the company? What is the need?

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 75% of health care cost is done on account of chronic disease. And incorporating a corporate wellness program helps your employee’s prevent the chances, decreasing the overall healthcare cost.

Wellness programs take care of the health related needs of the employees and recommends the best advice that can help them take proper care of their health.

Many factors influence an employee's health that makes them skip their work but incorporating a wellness program will help your employees manage their health and decreases the number of absentees.

Incorporating wellness program helps you increase the productivity of your employees. How? If the employee stays healthy he/she will work for more number of days and hours and it’s not very hard to guess who they will work for.

Increased sense of responsibility in the employee’s, though everyone knows it benefits the employers more. However, when employees feel the care that you show for their well-being they grow more loyal to you.

Sick leaves go without saying to be a kind of loss for the employer’s because they pay the employee even when they are not working. Loss of work and loss of money, both exist simultaneously putting the employer on the wrong side. But a wellness program has proved to reduce the no of sick leaves by employees. Thus, reducing the overall cost.

Reduces the cost of health insurance premiums which are increasing exponentially day by day to a large amount. This becomes an extra expense for the employer’s and if the calculation is done properly, the cost of introducing and maintaining a corporate wellness program is likely less.

What factors drive the success of corporate wellness program?

This is one important question that every employer should ask the experts and keep the answer in mind while planning the wellness program for their organizations. There is more than one factor that drives results out of wellness program. Taking a cue from what experts have to say on this we’re listing few for you today.

a. Plan it according to the practical needs of your employees: You’re planning the program for your employees and to make it effective, the best is to know your employees and their practical needs to create something that suits everybody. How to do that? Get in between your employees and discuss it with them, ask for suggestion and then include the best ideas in the program.

b. Encourage the employees to participate: Only implementing something won’t help no matter how creative you were while designing it. It will only work if you promote participation within your employees by announcing incentives and awards for the participants.

c. Making necessary adjustment: You should be open to recommendations concerning the wellness program. If there’s a fault in it or it’s not working well and someone is suggesting some changes that seem fine and good enough to implement, make the change.

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