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Where to Travel In 2017

There are very few things as exciting as turning on your automatic vacation respond option in your inbox. The second-best thing is preparing for the said vacation. Of course, there are going to be flight delays, lost luggage and screaming toddlers. Still, it all fades in the light of the impending relaxation and splendor that a vacation brings.

The only thing left is to pick the right destination. Whether you prefer sunny beaches or adventurous hikes, here are some suggestions of adventurous spots you might want consider.

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Although you might be slightly intimidated by the prospect of traveling to South America, Chile has many magnificent sights to offer in return and it will leave you hanging. Starting in the south with the glaciers of Patagonia to the plains of the Atacama Desert at the north of country, Chile is brimming with extremes. The ski season in Andes is from mid-June to mid-October! If you you’re not a fan of winter activities head out to Valparaiso, soak up some sunshine and make all your Instagram followers envious of the colors that Valparaiso’s architecture offers.

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Costa Rica

If coastal landscape is more your speed than look no further than Costa Rica. This country offers impeccable climate to accommodate mountain hikes or dozing off at the beach. It is a perfect spot for a couple’s get-away, and equally enjoyable retreat for a whole family. Costa Rica is probably best known as a poster child of ecotourism. The best way to truly experience this island is to gather your friends or family and explore the wildlife and scenic landscape. Housing options are aplenty, but if you’re traveling with a group renting houses is the best choice. In addition to cheaper rates, opting for houses in Costa Rica lets you prepare a meal at your own preference from the freshest produce available at every corner and at ridiculously low prices.

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A geyser in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean? Yes! That’s what Iceland’s all about. This seemingly isolated Nordic island, not too far from Greenland and just outside the Arctic Circle, should be at the top of the list of any adventurist. Its volcanic and geological activity provides a spectacular experience for any globetrotter. Iceland is covered with green plateaus of sand and lava fields, glaciers and mountains, entirely engulfed with fjords. The capital, Reykjavik, has become the newest artsy hot spot of Europe and it’s offering plenty of tourist attractions. The foody scene of Reykjavik will surely attract many, but you’ll still be able to find traditional Hákarl and have a shot of Brennvín.

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Despite having the reputation as a country with looming instability, Rwanda has been quite a safe spot, in that part of Africa for number of years now. If you’ve finally mustered the courage to visit Rwanda, an incredible world of adventure and sights awaits you. For a truly unique experience, we suggest you look for a safari lodge instead of regular hotel accommodation. In the very northwest part of the country you should visit Volcanoes National Park which is the home of the Rwandan portion of the Virungas. We should mention that aside from many amazing things associated with the Virungas volcanoes, the thing that draws the most tourist interest are the mountain gorillas. If you decide to stick around the area for couple of days, you might consider one of many 3-day Rwanda Gorilla Safaris which are available almost a whole year around. When deciding when to visit Rwanda, the main rain season lasts from March to May, and the main dry, warm season is from June to September.

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