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5mo Story
When to Get Travel Insurance

Whether you simply want to go a few hours from home or pack a bag and book a week-long holiday in Bangkok, Thailand, you should not take one step out of your door without travel insurance. The right companies make the already cost-effective price of such a policy worth it by offering a wide range of comprehensive coverage options. For example, you may fly to Bangkok only to arrive and discover your luggage went to Greece.

Wherever you go and whatever you plan to do, you need the right insurance on your side to keep you safe from financial burdens and other frustrating inconveniences. Even if this is the first time you’ve planned a holiday in over a decade, you must remember to work this into your plans from the start to save money and time in the long run.


You never know what you might face when you get up in the morning to go to the airport, to the port, or to climb into your rental car. When you book flights or a cruise, you have something called cancellations fees to worry about, especially in the case of a cruise. Whenever guests fail to attend their cruise, cruise lines miss out on an entire room that could otherwise have been sold to paying guests. For this reason, they often charge exorbitant cancellations fees as a strategy to dissuade guests from cancelling at the last minute.

However, heavy storms, a sick relative, an injury, or any number of other frustrations can cause you to cancel or flight or cruise, which can add up quickly. Most airlines and cruise ships also do not refund the price of their tickets except in extremely specific situations, meaning you are out of both the price of your ticket and the cost of cancellation.

Fortunately, you need not worry about this with travel insurance. The right companies offer up to 5,000 pounds in cancellation cover, allowing you to face the world’s unpredictability without fear. No matter where you want to go, you never know when life may have something else in store for you and your plans. For this reason, clever travellers buy a policy before they step foot outside their home.

Lost Luggage

Although fairly rare, airlines still make mistakes in regard to luggage, and it is not unheard of for airlines to ship a person to one location and their luggage to another. In other cases, the luggage never made it onto a plane at all, leaving the traveller without their essential luggage or anything else to their name aside from the things they carried onto the plane. For this reason alone, many people chose to buy travel insurance. Companies such as Now Travel Insurance want you to never worry about the potential loss of your clothing and other essentials with an offer of up to 2,500 pounds for lost or stolen baggage.

This cover has helped thousands buy the essentials and clothing they needed after losing their luggage along the way. In fact, many were able to buy nicer and more durable options that lasted far longer than the items they had before the loss. When you need to get from one place to another and cannot simply drive there in a few hours, you need to know you are covered for any accidental losses or delays.


First and foremost, you should always be sure to bring along any prescription medication in your carry-on bag. If you cannot bring the medication in your carry-on luggage for any reason, you may be able to ask for special assistance in which a flight attendant would hold onto the medication for you until landing. In addition, clever travellers with pre-existing conditions bring several days of extra medication to ensure they never run out while away.

Bringing along the exact amount you might need can be a dangerous and costly choice, especially if you need said medication to remain healthy and strong. Insurance companies created specifically to offer travel insurance have built their policies to cover as much as 10 million pounds in medical expenses. Although these mostly go toward emergency evacuations and other financial problems, the policy should also cover the replacement of medication up to a certain price. This way you can trust that you will never run out of time or medication when out traveling on holiday.


Up to 50% of travellers who decided to travel last year fell ill or were injured during their time away. With one out of every two travellers in danger of facing a potentially life-threatening situation, you simply cannot fail to get coverage designed to prevent financial disaster. Take a moment to consider how much it would cost to be helicoptered out of a location, to a hospital, and then treated. Although you would be grateful for the help, you are likely to forget that once you see the bill. An emergency evacuation, such as from a cruise ship to the nearest medical facility alone may cost thousands, while procedures and medications cost much more.

No Health Insurance

Although you may enjoy relatively simple and cost-effective health coverage back home, you cannot expect any of that to follow you when you leave the continent. No matter where you go or for how long, you need a policy designed to follow you to all corners of the globe to keep you ready and protected in the case of a medical emergency. Rather than waiting to spend tens of thousands out of pocket, you can receive treatment and then a proper flight home without a single worry about the unreasonable cost. With up to 10 million pounds covered in regard to medical issues, you enjoy more peace of mind as you travel alone or with friends.

No Refund

In the event of a natural disaster, most airlines will still not refund the cost of your ticket. However, your policy just might, and you can ensure you get home quickly and safely without worry. For this reason, plus a wide array of additional benefits, you never need to worry about what might come. Travel insurance designed with you in mind should make travelling simple and lovely.

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