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What is it with Bearded Guys that Women of this Generation Love the Most

Why do some women love men who sport beards? This is a question that has been asked by countless people throughout the modern age. For most of the twentieth century, most men were clean-shaven, and this was accepted as the norm. But more recently, more and more men have been growing out their beards, especially with the rise of the hipster culture. So what is it about a beard that is making facial hair so popular among the ladies?

Studies have been conducted to answer this very question. In 2008, Neave and Shields conducted a research study on women’s perceptions of men based on their attractiveness, masculinity and dominance. Female participants were shown pictures of men’s faces (specifically average looking men) with various degrees of facial hair, ranging from a nicely clean shave to fully bearded, and were asked to rate them based on these few dimensions – manliness, age, his charm, and popularity .These group were also questioned to distinguish between their preferences for short-term and long-term partners.

Real Research to Prove It

The researchers discovered that the most attractive men were those with light stubble, and they were also the most preferred for short-term and long-term dating. At the same time, men with full beards were perceived as the most masculine, aggressive and socially mature, as well as looking older than their actual age. The women also found that the men with heavy stubble appeared to be the most dominant.

Another research study was conducted by Dixson and Brooks in 2013. Bothconducted the same study and recorded statements from both men and women based on pictures of average looking group of men with different styles and level of facial hair. In this study, the most attractive faces had heavy stubble. The perception of men with full beards was the same as the previous study, with women also stating that they perceived greater fatherly image and healthiness in guys with full beards than in the others. To put it simply, as the amount of manly hair increased, so did the perception of manliness and maturity.

Women’s Preference

However, this is not an absolute rule. While some women do prefer men with full beards, there are those who are turned off by facial hair. This is because men with beards are sometimes associated with animalistic behaviour and aggression, especially if the beard is not well groomed. Some women also consider beards to be an indicator of poor hygiene in men. This is actually true in men who do not groom themselves and only have a beard because they are too lazy to shave; however, the perception bleeds off onto other men who sport beards as well. Then there are women who see men with beards as players, as the beard makes them more noticeable. They automatically assume that these men are lacking in morals and empathy, and do not stop to give them the time of day.

At the end of the day, women want a man who can take care of them. This is simple evolutionary psychology. Before civilization, when we lived in the wild, choosing a mate was literally a matter of life and death. Women had to choose strong, aggressive men if they wanted to survive. This is likely the reason why so many women find themselves attracted to men with beards. They appear to be stronger and more dominant than their clean-shaven counterparts, and this seals the deal in the woman’s mind.

This preference for beards also fluctuates with the menstrual cycle of women. During ovulation, women seem to prefer dominant, even hyper masculine men, while at other times, they prefer gentler looking men. This is probably why it is such a heated debate among many regarding what women want. Some say women want the “bad boys” while others say that they want the “nice guy”. The truth, however, is that women want a little bit of both. Again, this is not because women are scatter brained, but because of evolution itself. As the saying goes, nature knows best, so she decided to not leave it up to us to decide who gets to procreate. Instead, these decisions are made based on deep-seated instincts that cannot be overridden. Bad boys are the ones who can protect their women against rival males and predators. This is imperative for the survival of the individual. But nice guys are guaranteed to stick around and help their women with the raising of their offspring. This is imperative for the survival of the species. In an ideal world, a woman wants both of these characteristics in one man.


We see this play out in the real world when the most attractive women seem to get men like this, while less attractive women appear to settle for men who are lacking in one or both of these qualities. So if you’re not particularly commanding compared to other men, then you might want to think about growing a beard, as this will boost your masculinity in the eyes of a significant number of women. Just remember to groom your beard regularly, know what best tools to use and always ask for professional barbers for advice.

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