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Waterfront Gourmet is the Best Catering Company in Philadelphia

First, you should consider the catering company’s specialty. Are they trained to do large-scale events only? Or are they only able to cater for smaller groups? At Waterfront Gourmet Cafe, we can help you cater anything from a breakfast meeting in the office, to a large team or family party. Another thing to consider is whether the catering company serves fresh food or not. When you taste a catering company’s food, you’ll be able to tell whether it’s something fresh or not. Waterfront Gourmet Cafe has that covered, too!

What a Top Ranked Catering Company Can Provide You

At Waterfront Gourmet Cafe, we offer the best catering for events in the downtown and center city area in Philadelphia. And not only are we the best, but we are one of the top ranked catering companies in Philadelphia. And we weren’t named a top ranked catering company by accident; we work extremely hard to make your event the best it can. We will never deliver food to your event that was cooked in mass quantity and then frozen, just to be re-heated before delivery. Whatever the amount you need, we do the cooking fresh for every event that we cater. We can also cater to any time sensitive or last minute event; we can promise that your meal will be available in as little as three hours for delivery, or two hours if you choose to pick it up. Not only that, but all our catering delivery is free!

Those aren’t the only things the Best Catering Company Philadelphia can provide you for your catered event. Our process takes the time-consuming hassle and frustration out of catering; all you need to do with us is call, and we will work out the best menu options for your event. We have a large selection of delicious club and specialty sandwiches, wraps, and paninis that are perfect when catering for corporate events, weddings, and large parties. We also have a great selection of food available on our catering menu, which will ensure anyone that may have a dietary restriction at your event will still be satisfied with delicious, fresh food.

If you’re looking for a catering company in Philadelphia that will provide with an incredible range of fresh, delicious food then Waterfront Gourmet Cafe in Philadelphia is exactly what you need! Whatever you need a catering company for, whether it’s a big family party or an important office meeting, you will never be disappointed when you turn to us for catering. We always strive to be able to provide a variety of options no matter the event size. If your office meeting is only a few people, or your family party is a hundred or more people, we are determined to ensure that your table is set with delicious food. If you have any questions about our options or services, contact us today!

For more information about Affordable Catering Services and Catering Services Downtown Please visit : Waterfront Gourmet Café & Deli.

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