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Janelle Lim
Janelle Lim Lost in Translation
1mo Story
Wandering Soul

I feel extremely sad, hurt and lonely right now, because I feel that you're hiding a lot from me. You are doing things on your own and you do not share everything with me. You plan for yourself, for us and you do everything all by yourself. It saddens me that you don't tell me everything and you keep them all to yourself. I AM HERE. It makes me feel like I don't know everything about you. It makes me anxious, insecure and doubtful. I want to know everything, may they be dilemmas, worries, concerns or whatever. I want you to be open and vulnerable. I want to be a part of everything in your life. I want to be your everything. 

I've loved you because of who you are, who I am when I am with you and who we are together. However, I don't have the slightest idea why it seems that everything's not the same anymore. It seems that we aren't the same persons we once were--you aren't the same person I loved and I am not the same person you adored. I may be overthinking things right now, but thing is, I'm afraid and worried that everything wonderful about us would turn out to be mundane in the end or worse, horrendous. I am scared. I fear that we are losing spark and losing touch with each other. I fear that I and we would lose what we have, that I and we would lose everything about us and I'd lose you. I fear that the happiness and connection we had ever since would vanish for whatever cause. I don't wanna lose this. I don't wanna lose you. 

I love you. So much. That it hurts so bad. I don't know what to do anymore. My mind's getting out of control and I can't really take it all ATM. It's been affecting me a lot recently and I'm having a hard time, really, to grasp and swallow everything. It consumes me, my thoughts and my emotions. I'm so lost and confused.

Tell me everything. Tell me what's happening. Share with me your plans. Involve me. Tell me honestly your feelings. Talk to me if you are tired or fed up or unhappy with me. Talk to me, so that I will understand..... 

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Janelle Lim
Lost in Translation

Sapiosexual. Schriftsteller. Kuschelbär. Großer Liebhaber.

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